Kissing Frogs

Anyone that knows me knows I love to kiss. It’s amazing, but I’ll come back to that. One of my mentees called me today, frantic, she has a boyfriend (aaawww!), and he passed her a note advising her that he would like to kiss her after school (again..Aaawww!). She didn’t know what to do. They’re twelve (12). She was so excited I couldn’t help, but be excited for her. I was apprehensive…12. That’s a bit young to me. I was asked “So, how old were you?! Was it great?! Are ya’ll still friends?! Did you love him?!” …..I thought back…way back. My first frog!

The first kiss. Amazing. Yes, I remember it well, and I was just as excited as my mentee. Many that will read this knew me growing up. I’ve always been the tallest girl I know. Growing up I was taller than most boys as well. I wore the thickest glasses ever made, and I literally had teeth growing every direction…except straight. I was, for lack of a better word, hideous! That is, until the summer before my freshman year of high school. I was fourteen. Things turned around for me…instantly. I got braces. Contacts. Brand new boobs…that’s right…brand new. The boys…they came a flocking! The first one, and I’ll never forget him, John, it was the summer before his senior year. He strutted around my neighborhood in biking shorts. Biking shorts ya’ll. Now he was about 6’3″, and full grown. Read what I’m saying: a “full grown” 17 year old in biking shorts. My mother hated him. Hate. She hated him. Fortunately for him, my father no longer lived with us. He wouldn’t have made it past the door. Didn’t matter to me, he was male, and he wanted me. The tall girl that had the thick glasses and bad teeth had turned to a swan. I had a boyfriend. Heeeeyyyy!!

My mother allowed him in our house, in the living room. I now suspect so she could keep an eye on us. Well…on him anyway. I was walking him…in his biking shorts, to the front door. He grabbed my hand, bent down, and kissed me. Really…I’m being kissed…by a man! Now, I know the way I tell the story, you would think it was by far the best kiss in the world…trust me, to this day it is still the worst kiss I have ever had. He was horrible, sorry John, but even with no experience I knew that wasn’t how you kissed. The awfulness of it, however, doesn’t take away from how happy I was. It still makes me smile. To answer my mentees other questions, no I didn’t love him, but I did love the idea that he liked me. Yes…we are still friends. We joke about it a lot, and he claims he is much better now. He has 6 kids (one of whom I am the Godmother of), so I assume he has greatly improved.

Since John, I am not ashamed to say I have kissed my fair share of men. Kissing the frogs, waiting for a prince, some of them good, some of them bad, all of them necessary. Sometimes you have to go through a lot of frogs to get to a prince. It’s part of the process. You learn what you like. What you don’t like. What’s good for you. What’s bad. If you are lucky, one day you kiss the frog, and it is the sweetest most amazing thing in the world. You found your Prince, the one that you want to kiss every day. All day. For as long as you both shall live. That one kiss makes all of the frogs you went through worth it. That one kiss frees your mind, and unlocks your heart. This amazing man sent to you from God, makes all the horrible kisses…all the bad experiences…all the heartbreak…all the rejection worth it.

Do I wish my first kiss was better? Do I wish it was with someone I actually loved? Do I wish he would have been my prince, and we would have lived happily together for the rest of our lives? Of course I do. Would I trade that kiss? Not for anything in the world. It was my first kiss. It was awesome! Until I kiss my Prince, it is the one kiss I’ll never forget. It was the kiss that put me on the path to finding my Prince! So to my mentee I say, with tears in my eyes, and joy in my heart….GO GET THAT KISS GIRL!


  1. You never forget your first kiss, no matter how gawd awful it was. Mine was mediocre. Neither of us knew what we were doing, but boy did we getter with practice. We used to meet up every single day just to practice kissing.

    Good times. Good times.

  2. I loved my first kiss. No frogs here. I can’t say it was all that special to me though. I wasn’t all mushy about it then or now. Now my first TIME was a whole other story. He was a frog and one that croaked really quickly 😆

  3. yea my first was forgettable to say the least. my first ‘meaningful one’ was…very shocking and weird and so unexpected. obviously he knew something i didn’ he looooooves to kiss, im just like whatever about it.

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