Interview: Kristinia Debarge Exposed

The Debarge’s have always been known as a musical family. In the 70’s and 80’s they kept radio waves exciting with a string of hits. Now, Kristinia Debarge, daughter of James Debarge is following that same musical family tradition with her new album Exposed.

Brownsista: Besides the obvious being that you come from a musical family, what brought you into the direction of singing?

Kristinia: My voice. I recognized that I had the ability to sing and wanted to pursue a career in this industry.

Brownsista: There are new R and B singers releasing singles daily. Why should someone buy your album versus someone else? What makes you stand out?

Kristinia:It’s very relatable to young girls. This album is an introduction to Kristinia DeBarge because it covers all sides of me. The good, the sad, the angry, the emotional. All sides of Kristinia.

Brownsista: What are your thoughts about the rumors that you were Janet Jackson’s daughter?

Kristinia:There will always be rumors so I’ve learned to brush them off. Janet was married to my Dad prior to my existence. They had a great relationship then and still do to this day. I have a Mother and her name is Christine. If people need to see paperwork I’ll be sure to send it! 🙂

Brownsista: It is known that you come from a famous musical family. What are some other things you would like for people to know about you?

Kristinia:I want people to know I’m like every other 19 year old girl. I want them to know I’m learning and growing each day.

Brownsista: What was the inspiration behind some of the songs on your album? What can we expect from the album Exposed?

Kristinia:I pulled my inspiration from real life experiences because I want people to connect with my music. The material reflects the issues we go through in life, love and relationships.

Brownsista: Is there meaning behind the album title?

Kristinia:Yes. This album is “exposing” all sides of Kristinia.

Brownsista: People may be unaware that you were on the American Idol spin-off, American Juniors. What was that experience like?

Kristinia: A great experience but it was also the first time I realized the business is not always fun. You have to work hard and stay grounded.

Brownsista: Are you currently on the Brittany Spears Circus tour? How has that experience been for you so far?

Kristinia:I’m three days deep and so far, so good. I’m very focused right now.

Brownsista: Do you feel that you being a member of the DeBarge family has helped your career as well as hurt it in some ways?

Kristinia: It definitely helped me. I don’t feel like it hurt me at all. My family has a lot of respect in this industry, several artists have covered their music. Their guidance is a blessing.

Brownsista: What can we expect from you in the near future?

Kristinia:I could be doing a lot of things. Eventually I want to own a business, be a spokes model for a good cause, act in movies. I want to branch out into several different fields.

Brownsista: Do you receive any advice from your musical family members? If so, what was the best piece you have received so far?

Kristinia:Yes. The best piece of advice is to read the Bible and keep God first. Always keep your friends close and your enemies closer. And speak your mind.

Interviewed By: LJ Knight


  1. She’s pretty with a nice voice to match..hope she doesn’t follow the other family tradition (narcotics)

  2. sorry, i heard her first single and liked it. however, her live performance gave me a cassie vibe. and as far as, a musical family or other r and b artists kristinia is not r and b. which shocked me, because i thought they would piggy back off of her family’s success. and please only act if you have a talent for it.

  3. @ Iris “and please only act if you have a talent for it.”

    LOL! All ready trying to set her straight.

    @ LJK
    Love the article. Hope Brownsista continue to get more first person interviews. Straight from their mouth to our ears. That’s whats up!

  4. I wish this young woman much luck in her venture into this business. I heard a sample of her music and she can sing. The Debarge family was extremely talented. It was sad to see the breakdown of their family. Hopefully the demons of the past will not follow this young lady into the future.

    I really like it when she said “the best advice they gave her was to always pray, keep your friends close, and your ememy’s closer”. Good advice for every person on earth to follow……..

  5. She has a pretty singing voice, but I hate her music. I wouldn’t take it if people were giving it away.

  6. Nicely done Miss Kristinia and LJ Knight. I cracked a laugh or two at this answer about her birth mother, “If people need to see paperwork I’ll be sure to send it!” LOL

    I appreciate the unapologetic honesty of this one too, “It [family name] definitely helped me.” Her family has giving her some awesome advice. I hope she cherishes them. Always.

    I already admire her business sense. Her live singing voice is pleasant. Most of the time, it’s true to the track. Because there is always room for improvement, keep practicing with more energy and confidence. Also, aim for stronger live vocals.

    Although she’s young, she seems to know what she’s about, and where she wants to go at this early stage of her career. Hey, as long as she understands the struggle to stay grounded in this business, determination, and the value of hard work, she’ll get the pay off. Don’t limit and don’t compromise yourself young lady :-).

  7. Interesting…. i’m going to need for people to stop talking about themselves in 3rd person…it’s weird.

  8. I would personally rather see the original line-up, until they get their act together I cant stomach at new generation. RIP Bobby DeBarge you were the GREATEST!

  9. congrats to this site on the person to person. Best of luck to her. Not my kind of music but I love her family.

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