Kristinia DeBarge’s Debut Single+New Album

Kristina DeBarge The next generation of DeBarge singers are here. Kristinia DeBarge, daugher of James (Janet’s ex-husband), is hoping to carry on her family’s name in the music industry with her Babyface produced debut single, Goodbye. Kristinia’s debut album will be completely produced by the iconic hitmaker and is scheduled for a summer 2009 release. Check out Kristinia’s new single here. For pics and more information on the singer you can also check out her official website as well as her My Space page.


  1. Oooh I just love Switch and The Debarge’s! 🙂

  2. Babyface should have at least given her a completely original song. Vocally she sounds cool and like they are going to market her as pop. The song is also a bit Rihanna-ish. The music industry is gangsta right now so she better come hard and with some originality or she can hang it up. They should try marketing her like they should have marketed Bunny back in the day… a pop soul singer. A Dream was the bomb :koolaid:

  3. ^^ :lol2: Hell, I was going to ask it as well. you know that’s what everybody else is going to say….now let me blow up this picture

  4. I was playing but I know people are gonna say it. By tomorrow MTO will be calling her Janet’s daughter, mark my words. Anyway, she is too light to be Janet’s. She look like her mama may be white. I know the Debarge’s are half white themselves but she is lighter than her family. If Janet was her mama she would probably have a bit more pigmentation. :lol2:

  5. @ Dana
    “A Dream a simple fantasy,That I…wish was reality”
    That is my Jam!

  6. Daughters are in full force now, Tweet’ s daughter has a new single out, and she is doing the damn thing, She is Talented and Kristinia is very talented too, Hopefully she can make a name of herself

  7. :lol2:
    @ Nicki–I was gonna type the lyrics after reading Dana’s comments but you beat me to it.

    Cute girl. Totally recycled song. It is not bad but I’ve heard it all before–music, lyrics, voice–very recently.

  8. The girl looks spanish. No way this can be Janet’s child.

  9. I heard this song on the radio and I like it. It is a cute song.

  10. I like her music and I think she’s a cute girl. Good luck to her.

  11. it’s not a bad song, she sounds good. she’s actually already getting promotion for this song because they play it on that nivea lotion commercial for their “goodbye cellulite” cream. Good start

  12. Nice voice…not into the song really tho. Sounds like a song Britney and Rihanna have done already; like Womanizer mixed with Disturbia and SOS…Anyway, she is 19 yrs old; too young to be any child of Janet and James’…they broke up in 1985.

  13. Isn’ t the song sampled from someone else?she sound good, And she is gorgeous good luck to her

  14. The Debarge family are a white and Black mixture and nothing else.

  15. I really loved the song and I love the music because I am really into old sounds. She does have teen pop sound,but I think it will work great for her.

  16. Just what we need, more light-skinned untalented broads flooding the market. Rihanna should be proud; she has paved the way for many.

  17. To hollywood bs- we can thank her and the cassie aka baldylocks

  18. Hollywood BS,

    Why is it about skin complexion? Can’t she just be untalented? Which I don’t agree w/ by the way. She can sing and is pretty, no matter her complexion.. :thumbsdown:

  19. She doesn’t look anything like Janet to me. She does however favor Bunny quite a bit. :brownsista:

  20. The song actually sounds like a song Christina Aguilara(sp) came out with recently…..”Keeps getting Better”……

  21. What a coincidence– I was just watching tv and a Nivea commercial came on with a song in the background. At the bottom of the screen was the name Kristinia Debarge and I thought she’s gotta be one of ’em. I knew it! I do agree with some others that her sound is Rhianna-ish but I gotta hear some of her other songs. I hope she makes it!

  22. Am I too superstitious ? But her first single should be the song called ” Good bye”. However, the song is easy to listen. I wish her would mark her spot in the music bizz.

  23. No she is not janets and kristinia used 2 b friends when she was 15..for about 3 yrs… her mom is mexican.and her dad was black.. Cool gurl..and she realllly can sing..<3

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