Kyla Pratt’s B’day Bash

Kyla Pratt is all grown up. The actress who first made a name for herself as the young Monica Wright in the 2000 film Love & Basketball, is now a full blown woman. Kyla celebrated her 23rd birthday over the weekend at the Geisha Nightclub in Hollywood, California and was joined by several of her celebrity friends. Guests included actresses Elise Neal, Mari Morrow and former child actor, as well as brother to Tia and Tamara, actor Tahj Mowry.


  1. Kyla is a youthful 23 year old she only two years older than me. Live it up!

    wow look at Tahj aka “smart guy” he still looks the same just older all them look alike (Tia, Tamera. Tahj)

  2. Aww. she is so cute, she still looks like a little girl. Mrs. Neal is fabolous.

    And look at Tajh all grown up, I wonder “how he doin”?

  3. Wow, she is beautiful young lady. I can remember an episode of Smart Guy when she was on the basketball team with lil Taj! I am glad to see that both of them look well and doing good for themselves.

  4. Wow! I can’t believe Kyla is 23 yrs old! I still think of her as a teenager.

    See?! I went and flat ironed my hair yesterday w/ plans to wear it straight for at least a couple more days and now lookin Mari’s hair…
    I’m missin my curls 🙁

    After tomorrow’s workout….
    the curls might be back…
    on purpose- LOL!

  5. I guess I shouldn’t expect them to stay young forever but Kyla and Tahj are making me feel old. 🙂

  6. Yay we’re the same age!!! I wish I could see Kyla in more movies!! She’s a cutie

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