Kym Whitley Gets Serious

Hollywood funny woman Kym Whitley wants people to stop calling her a “big girl.” The Shaker Heights, Ohio-bred actress said when people ask her, “What’s it like being a big girl in Hollywood?” she usually replies: “I wouldn’t know because I am not a big girl. Now I can give you several names of people that you can call!”

The witty Whitley was quick to add that if it’s big breasts you’re looking for, however, she’s definitely your girl! “I have a bunch of breasts and some big ole shoulders, but other than that, I have no booty at all. So if you mean big girl from the chest up, then I’m your woman,” she laughed.

While best known for her humor, Whitley is getting serious for her upcoming guest starring role on Fox’s new drama ‘Standoff.’ Though she was mum about the character she plays, Whitley said the producers keep saying “it has Emmy all over it.” “Its fantastic! It’s dramatic and a very big guest starring role,” she shared, while sitting in her dressing room on the set in Thousand Oaks, Calif.

Kym Whitley Her guest turn on HBO’s ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ in 2004 earned rave reviews, and that particular episode was used as the tape that garnered the show an Emmy nomination. Whitley was booked for a pilot called ‘The Catch’ with ‘Lost’ producer J.J. Abrams after that, which led to her landing a lucrative holding deal with Touchstone Television. Guest spots followed on TV series such as ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ ‘Reno 911’ and ‘Missing’ and film roles in ‘The Perfect Man’ and ‘Fun With Dick and Jane.’

Despite her recent crossover success, Whitley said people don’t have to worry about her getting a big head. “Forget my ego getting big; I just don’t want to get big. I told my girlfriends, if I am getting too big, tell me. If my one chin has turned into three, I need somebody to tell me, ‘Kym, you may not want one more chin!’ You want people to tell you the truth,” she said, cracking up.

Though the ‘Next Friday’ star says she appreciates the truth, she has had problems telling some of her friends the truth about their plastic surgery. “This is the problem with that though; you can’t say it because it’s a thin line there. Either its too late…so what they going to do? They can’t reverse it. So you still hurt their feelings. In Hollywood, people are just so vein,” she explained.

How do you know when someone has gone overboard with plastic surgery? “When people start looking like a cat,” she answered. “I don’t know what it is about plastic surgery and cats. I think plastic surgeons need to start looking at other animals or something. I don’t understand. I had some friends who started looking like cats. I just kind of scratched their back. I wanted to go up to some of them and just say, ‘Meooowww!’ I’ve had a couple of friends come over and my dogs have chased them around the block a few times. But I love my friends and if that’s what makes them happy.”

I couldn’t let Whitley off the line without asking about those rumors of her being romantically linked to Gerald Levert. “Oh you had to go there,” she laughed, before offering, “Well, I’ll just say that me and Gerald dated when I was 21-years-old. We’ve been great friends ever since. We haven’t kissed since I was 21. But we’re closer now! We’re way more emotionally intimate than we were when we were 21-years-old. And I’ll end it right there.”

Levert has a cameo in Whitley’s Sept. release ‘The Salon.’ The movie was produced by and also stars Vivica A. Fox, Darrin Henson, Monica Calhoun and Terrence Howard.

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  1. Everything she has ever done has annoyed me.I agree she isn’t what one would call fat.Monique is fat and Kym is is what I would call voluptuous.

  2. I know I have seen her before but I can’t remember where.

  3. I think she used to co-host this show on BET some years ago.I hated her too because she would never be serious.Regardless of what the topic was about she would crack a joke.She was also in Deliver Us From Eva.She was a fool in that movie too.

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