Miss Kelly Faces Budget Cuts


While news of Destiny’s Child releasing a compilation album of old and new love songs, as well as reuniting to perform at Super Bowl XLVII is indeed exciting, it is another disclosure made by band member Kelly Rowland that has piqued my interest.

According to a recent article posted on Kelly’s official website, the singer is basically financing the release of her ‘Year of the Woman’ album after having her budget slashed by her record label.

After doing a bit of research, I discovered Kelly’s former label, Universal Motown, was shut down by Universal Music Group, effectively pushing Kelly over to the newly formed Universal Republic Records, which was also shut down before being re-activated as Republic Records.

Kelly has reportedly already dug into her pockets to finance the video for her single ‘ICE,’ as well as the album’s photo shoot. “I’m investing in myself,” Kelly writes. “There used to be a time when record labels would shoot so many different videos and have more of a budget, but that’s all been stripped down now.”

This probably explains why there has actually been little to no promo for ‘ICE’ and ‘Year of the Woman,’ which is reportedly still being recorded.


  1. It’s a risk to sink a lot of money into something you believe in. I wish her well.

  2. I read the Wikipedia link you posted and Republic has some huge stars on thir roster. I doubt everyone’s budget was cut. Probably just those who don’t sell a lot. Kelly barely goes Gold so no, labels are not going to pour money into artists who may not recoup their investment.

  3. This is probably why bey got with pepsi. My best advice for kelly…call ashanti.

  4. Yeah, this is a big move for Kelly and a potentially negative experience if she’s not fully in charge and have strengths in the area of micro-managing a project of this magnitude. Does she have too much going on at the same time to make the investment work? She doesn’t have fragrances or headphones or a liquor brand that will yield dividends to balance any losses with the music portion of her brand. I know they want to be artists, but secure your revenue streams while you’re in a position to bargain!

  5. This is what Ashanti was saying, “what you bring to the table” is what the money changers assess, not even artist sales, kelly’s visibility and face recognition is more important, hence reality tv celebrities and their ability to generate millions. More important, it’s who she brings to the table with her like Microsoft and all their new devices, Neutrogena, Clinique because they will bring ad and promo dollars to struggling print outlets, online media and product companies that want to widen their profit margins to the AA and younger demographic should be her management’s focus. Then come with music videos. The record business is fading (people “buying” music), music will be around, but success is now based on “sensationalism” and personality…”The Voice” artists dominating on itunes is what’s current.

    Ashanti has a reported net worth of 40 million and hasn’t had a big hit since early on in her career (publishing has been good), so this is a person Kelly should be talking to!

    Diddy and 50 Cent got the memo!

  6. “The record business is fading (people “buying” music), music will be around, but success is now based on “sensationalism” and personality…

    You are 100% correct. Most artists nowadays are not committed to their craft and therefore don`t exhibit the work ethic that, only, time and hard work will optimize their artistry. It`s now, more, about artists being caught up in their vainglory than it is about their production and artistry. That`s why you have these insipid performances that continue to perpetuate. As far as I can see, Kelly is in a no win situation because if you`re not one of the chosen ones by the powers that be you`re fighting a futile battle.

    Great artistry, like showmanship, is a thing of the past as far as the record companies go. Artists such as MJ,James Brown,Sammy Davis Jr.,Jackie Wilson,Jimi Hendrix,The Supremes,Whitney Houston,Dionne Warwick,etc,are the impetus to nostalgia. It was MJ who once said,”You study the greats to become greater”. And I don`t think anyone can,objectively,deny that he was a diligent/studeous pupil.

    However,there`s a silver lining, called,”Youtube”,whereby we can quench our yearnings that hold these relics whenever we choose to divorce ourselves from the present,”NOTHINGNESS”.

    MJ & The GOLDEN 80s 4ever!!


  7. I love Kelly…..hope it all works out for her because I’ve been waiting for this album for a while!

  8. “Most artists nowadays are not committed to their craft and therefore don`t exhibit the work ethic that, only, time and hard work will optimize their artistry. It`s now, more, about artists being caught up in their vainglory than it is about their production and artistry.” Smooth Criminal

    I hope Kelly hits this album out of the ball park, a “critically acclaimed” record…music is storytelling, why Tamar’s “Love and War” resonates…the producers are the “artists”…MJ brought the “magic” to the music…he shut it down with “This Is It” as to who would take that throne…he was organic, wanted only the absolute best for his fans and knew we knew the difference…his rehearsals were magical(moving)!

    Nowadays, the producers create some tracks and singers sing over them…where’s the magic?…Justin Timberlake will do well because he does study the masters and it shows…”Cold Case Love”…was a masterpiece, didn’t get any play…I hope Kelly can get him to produce a track…but, she still needs to bring the magic…authenicity, tight vocals, phrasing, soulful, pop, hip hop storytelling! “Call Me, Maybe”…”We’re Never”…”Single Ladies”…”S&M”…”We Found Love”…”Love and War”…”Motivation”…”Adorn”…

  9. This has been going on for years, with big and small artists. Remember years ago when Beyonce shot all those videos for her B’day album with her own money? Even Madonna has had to dig deep to finance her latest video. Labels aren’t coughing up big bucks unless the artist is bringing in big bucks, ala Adele and Taylor Swift.

    Indeed, this is exactly why Beyonce signed on to have Pepsi finance her. She isn’t leaving her career in the hands of labels who usually are behind the rise and FALL of an artist.

    Kelly needs to pick up some more gigs and hire herself a good team. If she doesn’t look out for her own interests, no one else will either.

  10. This is what happens when you stray so far from good music. The record companies did this to themselves by putting out all this crapt. It is the artisit like Eryka Badu and Jill Scoot that will be around like Gladys and Chaka. They didn’t focus on the latest trend they focused on their craft and no they don’t do big arena shows they do smaller venues but they constantly sell them out and that is why a record label will stick behind them.

    That 50 million dollar contract is going to be the death of Beyonce because she will have to do things she never thought she would. She should have took Dave Chappelle cue and realized that does not come with out a big personal price to pay. Kelly needs to keep doing her independent thing and start getting out here and promoting herself. Just start being seen everywhere and while she is popular now get some endorsement deals.

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