Ladies, Are We Over Baggy, Saggy, Jeans?

When I was about… 19, and maybe up to my early 20’s, I preferred for my men to have a swagger that included the baggy jeans, and name brand over sized t-shirts with the classic sneakers. Now that I am approaching my 30’s I am swaying away from that. No longer do I desire to see a man that I am dating in constant baggy saggy jeans with big ass chains around their neck. Especially when I do not even where a lot of jewelry. I need more eye candy for further stimulation brothas. There should be a cut off point in age where an array of Rainbow Brite Air Forces Ones are the only shoes in your closet. What if I want to go out to dinner or somewhere where the attire does not call for the newest Jordans?

Am I alone in this ladies? Am I the only one that is over a 35 year old brotha trying to holla at you with a pair of saggy jeans on and fruity colored Air Force Ones? Before I get attacked, let me say that I am not knocking a man for dressing this way. It is only when it becomes an every day affair that it also becomes played out. Throw some variety in there. Give me that grown man appeal. Entice me with you wearing a nice button up or at least some khakis and a nice pair of casual shoes. It does not even have to be expensive. However, give me some visual stimulation. The same visual stimulation that men expect from women we should receive. Laziness is not going to get you anywhere. It is time that the fellas put in the effort to keep their complete package tight in the same fashion as they expect from us. Ladies, do you agree or disagree?

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  1. Young men need to realize what baggy jeans mean…..

    But im sorry, a guy with a nice smile, some baggy pants sagging…Smell nice and has a preey smile…Get me all hot, but i stay away, my man is mature and as some class. BUT HIGH SCHOOL, U COULD NOT TELL ME NOTHING..

  2. I was never ever into this look. It is straight f.a.g. gear right out the prisoncs.


  3. You are not alone Brownsista! Although I was never into this look, as I always liked my man to be clean cut, intelligent and cultured, I understand that because of the hip hop movement a lot of sistas wanted a knock off Jay-Z. But, that lack of style has lasted way too long leaving our men less respected and less competitive in the professional workforce and in life in general. That look comes with a laid back, the man tryna bring me down, I got baby mama’s everywhere, school is for suckas, hustler frame of mind instead of hardworking, honest, educated and responsible. Its cute and cool maybe in middle to early high school as that group is trying to express and find themselves but late high school early college should be dedicated to laying the ground work for work, family, community responsibility and future. just MO!

  4. Saggy pants are a turnoff for me. They look like the guy’s wearing a loaded diaper. Not attractive at all.

  5. @talent agent, I agree. Even Jay-Z knows how to throw a suit on or a nice shirt and casual shoes and pants! A skill all men should grasp at all ages.

  6. When we get older, we mature and we desire new things. Its simple.
    I dont know anyone thats likes the same thing for a long period of time.

    I just have to say, when a guy is sagging his jeans and his underwear is showing, he is not after women. Its really a mating call to signal other men. lol !! Catch my drift….

  7. Men are even wearing the “skinny jeans” and sagging them uggh that just erks me It’s nothing wrong with baggy & saggy but a suite, Tie, and dress shoes shows a man that Is very dapper and have class

  8. I picked I don’t care, b/c once my man is my man that’s it. On the other hand I will prejudge a man by the way he dresses. Like when a guy with baggy pants try and talk to me, I ignore him. We all have ways that we are comfortable, that being said it’s a time and place for everything. I love my sponge bob jammies, but you won’t catch me on my job with them.

  9. I’m glad you posted this, as I have always been curious as to why young women (black and non-black alike) get turned on at the sight of a man’s ass hanging out of his jeans.

    Ladies (even those who claim to have never liked this at all), when was this EVER a good look?

  10. NEVER liked this trend AND even worse now the young ladies are starting to have this look. I be on the subway riding home and just SMH.

    Young ladies that is NOT a cute look at all!!

  11. They should hand out tickets for indecent exposure how low them pants go, but i guess they would have 2 hand out tickets to the females too. But men only do things to attract females, sooo if females or lil girls found this distasteful, trust they would stop. so this just shows you the mentality of females or lil girls 2. i honestly can’t see a female over the age of hmmm 21 walking around with a boy like this, and if she is over 21, she is sad. i work at a middleschool and it is nauseating to see this. They can’t even walk. I tell them ya’ll betta be on your best behavior cuz if you get in beef or running from a cop(which u shouldn’t be anyway lol) u gotta a problem.

  12. When I was a teenager I HATED that saggy look, now that I’m in my late 20s I HATE EVEN MORE!

    I often look at seemingly pulled together sisters on the arm of one of those baggy jeans wearing guys and think to myself, “Is she not EMBARRASSED to be seen in public with that?

    I thought I was alone, but I’ve heard many of women voice the same sentiment.

  13. My brother never wore sagging jeans because my father never wore sagging jeans. My dad always wore belts to hold up his pants and shined his belt buckles too. As did my grandad. In case you are wondering I am a black female. I am not used to men wearing sagging jeans because I was not exposed to that. I think its crazy looking.

  14. My grandma would tear my brother butt up if she saw him saggin.

  15. I was on the bus today in nyc with my man and a teenage boy was getting up from the seat to get off the bus and his pants was off his ass. Instead of pulling up his pants, he pulls down his shirt!! My
    man said he looked like a chick pulling on his skirt. “Is my ass showing?” lol!!

  16. It’s horrific!! Complete Turn-Off!! I was at the credit union standing in line and this gay guy who had a serena butt had his pants that were too tight stop in the middle right before the crack and I just wanted to lay hands on him and pray. God please help our black men.

  17. ANYBODY, regardless of age, looks DISGUSTING with their pants hanging off of them. That mess was NEVER attractive. I don’t understand why looking sloppy took the world by storm.

    Pull up your pants. Now.

  18. HATE this trend. It is so sickening. It’s a sad case when you see a guy tryin to run, but he can’t b/c his pants are off his butt & falling to the ground to the point where he TRIPS over his own clothes. It’s sad I tell ya, just plain out right SAD!

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