Lady Gaga Telephones Beyonce

Beyonce Lady Gaga Telephone According to Universal Music Group, Beyonce will repay Lady Gaga’s guest appearance in her upcoming Video Phone video (and possible remix single as well) by appearing on an upcoming single from Lady Gaga’s “The Fame Monster” album. The track, entitled Telephone, was reportedly produced by Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins and will be the second single from the singer’s album.

No doubt Beyonce will again return the favor and appear in Gaga’s Telephone video as well.

I guess the Sasha Fierce era will continue on well into 2010.


  1. I liked the ideal if one feature but two. Its clear Beyonce is obsessed with fame. I wished Lady would have turned down the offer. Kelly gets even more respect from me for leaving the Knowles camp. SMH

  2. @ Ummmm, she sure does…Beyonce just ate a donut and she about the kill it on stage…her sticky fingas may be a problem

    I cant take this, All the secrets…I need one NOW!!!!!

  3. ‘Telephone’
    Waffle: A song about being pestered by someone on the phone when you’re trying to have a dance in a nitespot. It’s a little bit like Gwen’s ‘What You Waiting For?’ meets Timbaland’s ‘The Way I Are’ meets about fifty other things. “I cannot text you with a drink in my hand,” Gaga notes at one point. The structure’s quite exciting: quiet harpy intro / “kinda busy, k-kinda busy” bridge as beat kicks in / verse / chorus (”stop calling, stop calling, I don’t wanna talk any more”) / postchorus bit / ‘The Way I Are’-style rap / Beyonce rap (”should have left my phone at home cos this is a disaster”) / breakdown verse / “kinda busy” bridge / chorus / another bit / ‘The Way I Are’ rap bit / extra ‘My Humps’-esque (but not really) “my telephone! My telephone!” outro, then “we’re sorry, the number you have reached is not in service” operator message. We love Beyonce insisting that some bellend on the other end of the phone won’t make her get her coat any faster. Bonus fact: The guest vocalist on this was going to be someone else, but then the guest vocalist wanted to put the song on her own greatest hits album, so Lady Gaga made alternative arrangements.Verdict: 7/8

  4. Hmmmmm… while I am not a fan of either of these two, I don’t trust this. I hope Beyonce knows what she is doing here. A lot of times white folks use popular black acts to push themselves further up the ladder and then trample them in the gorund once they get a good steady hold. I don’t see anything Beyonce has to gain by this union but Gaga has a lot to gain being associated with Beyonce’s star power. Watch your back Sasha Fierce. This looks like a sneaky ploy to divide your fanbase.

  5. They should just go ahead and do a whole album together!!!

    Why the hell not???

    The money they could make together would be endless!!!

    GO FOR IT!!!

  6. Expectations would be so high. Not since Jay Z and R Kelly have artists attempted to do such a thing.

  7. Go Bey and Gaga I’m sure the fans will eat it up!! Good luck to both of them.

  8. Their fans will love it!

    Me on the other hand, meh; neither here nor there in expectation. We’ll see what these two can come up with and how well they may/may not mesh 🙂


  10. beyonce is just using gaga because shes fading and running out of ideas beyonces whore career is phony shes a super slut on stage her music is immature and meaningless shes so overbearing and fake keri hilson is killin beyonce keri hilson is better than beyonce latoya luckett’s cd is hotttttttttttttt keri hilsons cd is hottttttttttttttt they are both killin beyonce bringing real r&b music to the table

  11. @tameke- do you go byo ther names such as rockon, tee,voice? lol

  12. bull! somebody is lame…… anyway, the title of the post is funny. lol

  13. This is a win/win strategy, both of them would surely get some.

  14. Need something new…I am tired of this bullshit that Bey is pulling out her azz. Now don’t get me wrong Beyonce is a great entertainer but, that is it Great. She has not pulled a Micheal Jackson(Amazing, color-less) out of her azz yet. I do hope for the best for her but in all fairness I believe that the Beyonce era is coming to a end.Before the year of 2010 is up Beyonce will soon be like 50(where did he go?)forgett-able. Obessed=forgettable, The Pink Panther=forgettable, Cadillac Records=forgettable, T.v movie Hip hop Carmen=forgettable, Her role in Dreamgirls=forgettable. I don’t know Beyonce maybe I am just hard to please or just maybe you just have not done anything in the line of entertainment that just has Wow me yet. Okay ya you may believe that you opened the door for curvy women( I think not) but, other then her Beauty what else does she has to offer. Does the chick have a brian or a heart that doesn’t just require her to use it in the spot light. If so, She needs to start using it. Even 50 cent proved and showed that he had brains(smarts). So, look chick tell your money hungry crew to just fall back just a little. so, that you can show the world who Beyonce really is. You been in the game for over 7 years now. We know that you talented now don’t you think that it is time for you to give back. Help feed hungry Children or help needy families or even help change the way people see the color barries. That keep of thing. I’m just saying

  15. um DANIELLE sorry to tell you this but beyonce has been an artist for over a decade and she has helped and given millions to the sick/needy. do some research before you try to bash people.

  16. Lady Gaga is very hot, the new Madonna…Beyonce’s brand is as strong as ever, overexposed, but this is her way. It’s more to her advantage, because of the overexposure. Lady Gaga’s benefit is more hip hop and rnb fans, both ladies can sing. Look at what Kanye West did for Taylor Swift, she just won the longest charting CD of the decade, 157th weeks in the top 200, thanks to Kanye involving Beyonce! This business is all about the buzz, the sizzle and not necessarily the steak!

    So this mutually beneficial arrangement is just part of the business, Madonna and Lady Gaga appeared on Saturday Live, which was cute. We’re going to see some incredible promotions as new releases vie for number one and top ten positions, it’s sink or swim with a funny economy, plenty of artists, rampant bootleg in a pimp/ho industry!

  17. @danielle garner- now she does have a brain, a heart?? im still scared of her after that jhud stunt- ” i haven’t reached out yet, but she is in my prayers” Whew-cold? mean?? or maybe she was realy busy lol. yeah its old news,but i didn’t 4get that. since i heard wit my own ears- i can’t defend her. and i try 2 b neutral. if you can be that nonchalant about 3 people getting slaughtered-im scared of you. Dag, u work wit sum1 4 how many mos-. But the girl is smart tho and beautiful and talenteed- so who cares rite? errybody 4got about that huh??.

  18. bfans-btw uno how artist say they “luv”their fans-nos some are genuine, some just say it cuz it sounds good. But let’s b logical, if don’t care about someone she worked with 4 mos, picture ya’ll. luv?? she prob don’t even like ya’ll. either she’s bugged out or bold, cuz she could have played it off & reached out 2 look “normal” even if she didn’t want to, but 2 do nothing and SAY IT PUBLICLY-that’s crazy. at least look like u care.

  19. beyonce may be one of the biggest stars in the world, but its ok because she is gonna get everything back that she dished out. it was a cold and heartless move to not even reach out to jhud, but jhud STILL was the star of dreamgirls, she STILL won a slew of awards inclufing an oscar, and she STILL can sing better than beyonce. beyonces career will take a devastating turn very soon because of karma. she pissed on kelly nd michelles career, and as soon as she thinks she is the ish, some1 like rihanna is gonna come out nd shut her down.

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