Lark Voorhies Says She Isn’t Bipolar

Actress Lark Voorhies recently sat down with Entertainment Tonight in the hopes of setting the record straight concerning claims her mother made in People magazine about her having been diagnosed bipolar.

According to Lark, she is not seeing a doctor, has not been diagnosed bipolar and certainly does not hear voices.

So, is there anything wrong with Lark at all? Watch the video below and judge for yourselves.


  1. I hope the media doesn’t start harassing her and that she doesn’t end up like Mia Campbell. Clearly something about her is off but if left alone she can probably take care of herself.

  2. You can tell she just trying to keep it together and that she just wants to be left alone. She should not do anymore interviews cause it will only make things worse. I went to the ET website and they talking about bringing in a specialist to analyze her interview. See that is how the media is. They don’t care. They are just there to use and exploit her.

  3. I think there’s something there… Maybe she’s just very thoughtful but unable to really articulate properly as it seemed she stumbled over certain words and used multiple words instead of one.



    you can only get help when you accept that


  5. #embaraasing (clarifying)

    she should have better people

    she should have known what she was going to say ahea of time.

    none of the questions were from left field.

    so… yes embarrassing.

    and i have both bipolar and bipolar schizophrentics (spelling)in my family, i know when i see a mental or emotional disorder.

    thank god my sister isnt this bad, its more her emotions than her thought process

  6. Even if she is … Her mom should not have tried to address that publicly. You can’t heal with the entire world weighing in on your struggle. That’s not the way to handle things.

  7. Bi-polar is so difficult for families to deal with because one day or period of time, things are fine or manageable with meds and the next episode can be quite frightening!

    I wish Lark well and a complete recovery !!!

  8. I think it’s kinda wrong how she said she doesn’t (not saying I believe her but also not saying I don’t) but alot of ppl just already have it their dreadful minds that she does. It’s a serious issue, and this woman could be dealing with ANYTHING…Her and her mother could be on bad terms right now and could have said anything to the press, who knows. All I’m saying is we don’t know so stop assuming! Which is one of the main problems the world is the way it is know. But you can tell SOMETHING is bothering her.

  9. I am in no position to diagnose anyone but there are definitely some mental health issues going on. It’s far more common than people would like to admit. But putting her out there in the public eye was not the right thing to do. Life is hard enough if you’re mentally and emotionally stable. Can you imagine what it must be like for someone who isn’t?

  10. I definately sense something, but whether she IS or is not is non of our business. She should not feel pressured to answer that question. I agree that she should be left alone. God bless and keep her.

  11. I think people outside of her circle need to let her be. The media and public are not your friends when you are a celebrity or popular person.

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