LaTavia Roberson Joins ‘R&B Divas’


Singer LaTavia Roberson has put aside plans to produce her own reality show, and has instead signed on for the third iteration of TV One’s hit reality series R&B Divas: Atlanta.”

LaTavia will be joined by fellow newcomer Meelah Williams, as well as returning divas Monifah, Syleena Johnson, Angie Stone and KeKe Wyatt.

For those of you out of the loop, Meelah was a member of 90s girl group 702, best known for their 1999 hit single “Where My Girls At?”

As for LaTavia, we all know she was a member of Destiny’s Child, and along with fellow band member LeToya Luckettt, was kicked out of the group in 1999.

LaTavia has kept a low profile over the last decade, but just recently started giving interviews and making public appearances.

Look for “R&B Divas: Atlanta” to return with all new episodes in January 2014.


  1. I remember reading about slight competition between 702and Destiny’s Child back in the day cause both groups are from Texas. That was when I was a big DC fan, I remember thinking 702 won’t stand chance but still liking them and enjoying their music. With that being said why is LaTavia on the show? Can she even sing? If not those girls are going to clown.

  2. @ Blacksista-I thought 702 was from Vegas (hence the name of the group being after the area code…). I didn’t know they were from Texas.

    Anyway, I was a huge LaTavia fan!!!! She actually can sing (she has a T-Boz-esque vibe going on). Of course, she’s no powerhouse singer like Syleena, Angie, or Monifah, but she can hold her own. I’m glad she’ll be doing this. I’ve often wondered what she was going to do next. I’ll be here for that! 🙂

    OAN: I’m soooooo glad that Nikki won’t be back. That chile keeps up so much unnecessary drama and why??? Does anybody know whether or not LaTocha Scott is coming back???? I hate that we didn’t really get a chance to see what all she has going on (due to the fighting betweeen Nikki and Syleena).

  3. I was so disappointed in Nikki Gilbert. As a teen her voice was a source of inspiration for me.

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