LaTavia Roberson Preps Reality Show


Former Destiny’s Child member LaTavia Roberson is looking to return to the spotlight via her very own self-produced reality show.

LaTavia, who just became a new mommy last month, announced plans to venture into reality TV over the summer, but just recently decided to share details about the project.

According to LaTavia, “The premise is me and a couple of my friends that have been in girl groups before. We’re on this show together and it’s about our lives and us making our climb back to where we need to be in our lives.”

And just in case you’re thinking this premise sounds awfully similar to TV One’s R&B Divas- think again. According to LaTavia, though she is a fan of ‘Divas,’ she and her cast mates have known each other for years and will be “looking to spread love, not drama.”

LOL. Don’t they all say that in the beginning.

Anyway, LaTavia did not divulge who her cast mates will be, but the online rumor mill says Cassandra Lucas of Changing Faces and Shireen Crutchfield of The Good Girl have signed on.

Don’t recognize those names? That’s ok. If you grew up on 90’s music you’ll definitely recognize their songs.

Check’em out below.


  1. Dang the Good Girls? They are going waaaaay back. I used to love them. They were like a young Envogue kinda like Destinys Child.

  2. I’m a bit shocked too. Shireen is 42 but easily looks 22. She had a hot acting career up until 2008 when she disappeared. I guess the need to sing never truly dies. I wish her luck.

    By the way, Shireen is singing lead on the above video.

  3. I guess ALL of Destiny Child members chose to get nose jobs.
    Except Farrah (her replacement)
    Or am I the only one noticing that…
    Hopefully she is using the show to put out some new music.

  4. The lead of The Good Girls favors Cindy from Envogue. I just watched some of their videos and now remember how she was always in the middle and the focal point. I really liked that group. Wonder what happened.

  5. i can’t wait to see what they are going to do to get back on top where they belong.

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