Lauren London Joins “The Game”

It appears BET is one step closer to finding a replacement for Tia Mowry who announced last month that she would not be returning for the sixth season of “The Game.”

According to TV Guide, “ATL” actress Lauren London has signed on to be a series regular, playing the role of Kiera, a former child star who now appears on a Cosby Show-style sitcom.

Lauren, who also has a small recurring role on “Single Ladies,” confirmed the news via Twitter, saying she “honored to be offered the role” and hopes fans continue to tune in and support the show when it returns in 2013.


  1. See that’s the problem with black shows on tv now…do they not understand that a year is too long to wait and care for a show’s return…on topic I think Lauren is a mediocre actress…she’s one dimensional…good luck to her

  2. Hey BrownSista….do you all have a Pinterest account? I’d love to ‘borrow’ from your gallery to post on my Pinterest 😉 Just a thought.

    Also, congrats to Lauren…

  3. I just hope she don’t bring all that stainkness she seem to love to portray

  4. It’s a shame that a sister with so much acting potential decided to do two things: one, become a baby momma as a result of all people Little Wayne and two become part of a soon to be canceled show the game, mind u she can and has the right to do as she wishes but public opinion is the biggest game changer in the world.

  5. Have you ever seen Lauren act? She better take as many jobs as she can.

    As for baby mama? I hate that term. It’s nothing more than a derogatory word made up by black rappers to describe the many women they impregnate and then run out on.

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