Lauren London’s Jewel Magazine Photo Shoot

Lauren London

Actress and Sean John spokesmodel, Lauren London, is featured on the cover of the latest edition of Jewel Magazine. As always, the fabulous Black Jack was first to provide scans of Lauren’s exclusive photo shoot with the magazine, and you can check out all the lovely photos above and several others on the next page.

Lauren LondonLauren LondonLauren LondonLauren London

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  1. I saw Lauren on Baisden After Dark and girlfriend had some teeth on her. Old girl look like she could chew through a chain link fence with those chompers :lol2:

    Oh and big up to you Stephanie for getting all the pics rather than just the cover. Might you have the article as well? I cannot find Jewel magazine on any news stand or any book store in all of New York City.

  2. No idea who she is. The pics are alright, her face looks a little photoshopped in some of them. I like that Amy Winehouse hairstyle, though. I want to try a weave so I can do that style.

  3. Majesa she played TI’s girlfriend in the film ATL. Besides that I don’t see why Black folks are still talking about her.

  4. she was also in This Christmas with Chris Brown. She’s a relatively new black actress, thats why people are still talking about her.

  5. oh..and the DEF photoshoped…not just her face. she’s thicker than that in other pictures….i don’t see why that did all that editing though…its so obvious

  6. I’ve had to ask “who is she?” a couple of times too. đŸ˜† Still, she’s pretty. Nice images. She models for Sean John….will she do more acting?

  7. Love the new layout. Very cute and very Brownsista! You know we love a change.

    Lauren a very pretty girl and her personality is great. I love New New…lol

  8. She is a gorgeous girl. dont know how many people noticed her in videos before movies such as pharrell “frontin” and snoop “drop it like its hot” but she’s tryin to make a name for herself and i aint mad at her for that.

  9. She’s looks pretty. Being a big star doesn’t come overnight and she just started plus she just did a movie. Smh negativety is something else.

  10. She’s such a cute girl to me but every since her KING magazine interview…. I’ve been turned off! And guys act like she’s the finest thing since Halle Berry!! I get it when guys lose their mind over some celeb women but I don’t when it comes to Lauren London- it boggles me!!

  11. Nice pictures of Lauren. I like the new look & feel of this website too. Kudos.

  12. OK! Let`s see if we can have the next Halle Berry.

  13. —-I have loved Lauren London since she played Nu-Nu in ATL…my husband thinks she is absolutely gorgeous…
    —-I love her personality and I think she is an actress on her way….not at Halle Berry level yet…but trying…

  14. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that chic at Real Gossip 101 was the first to post Lauren London’s Jewel magazine photoshoot and the excerpts to go along with it.

  15. And we are equally sorry to burst your bubble Say What?! cause no one and we do mean no one has posted images as exquisite as those posted by BlackJacksSkanz.

  16. Lauren London is beautiful I wish her all the best it’s always good to see a sister doing it BIG!

  17. Lauren London is very pretty. I notice a lot of african americans always hating on 1 another. She’s new to acting so of course she’s not an angela basset yet. Why can’t people stand up and promote some of the New. Black talent.

  18. PUUHLLEEAZE! they were NOT the first to publish scans on London’s cover… did it the day before black jack. why is everybody tryna take credit from a lil ol website?? get it right please!

  19. As always, the fabulous Black Jack was first to provide scans of Lauren’s exclusive photo shoot with the magazine

    Why are some of you so concerned with that statement above? It’s not like you all had the same scans. Black Jack’s scans are of a whole different quality than any posted online that I have seen. Grow up and get over yourselves already cause you are looking like fools. This is the internet and no one can possibly know what every other site online is doing. Stop obsessing over this silliness and find some other site to haunt with your ghetto-ness.

    One person comes by claiming their site should be credited. Then another site comes by and wants credit? For what? Brown Sista posted scans by Black Jacks and credited Black Jacks. The rest of you need to f-off already.

  20. Oh my god what a bunch a crying ass babies. All of those people above complaining have the same scans posted and even Media Fake Out has them too. That means they all more than likely got them from a message board and they all each individually took them and watermarked them with their own logo. Now they coming here complaining cause Brown Sista posted far better scans from a real top notch scanner than they did. How can you pop shit when you not even posting your own work? None of them scanned those pics. Black Jack scanned his own and they look so much better. Stop crying bitches and get in touch with Black Jack and see if he’s teaching classes on how to scan like a pro.

  21. My gooodness the girl is a young actress who is trying to make it in such a hard field. Why are black folks always hating. She is beautiful,talented and has a lovely personality. She is young!! For those of you who don’t know much about her, she was in ATl, THIS CHRISTMAS, ENTOURAGE,SHE’S SEAN JOHN’S SPOKESMODEL ALONG WITH CASSIE AND SHE’S CURRENTLY WORKING ON A MOVIE AS I WRITE. MAYBE THE ONE’S WHO WROTE SOMETHING NEGATIVE ABOUT HER, LIKES KEISHA COLE AND LITTLE KIM AFTER ALL, THEY HAVE TREMENDOUS CLASS!!!! JUST LIKE THE ONE’S THAT WROTE NEGATIVE ABOUT LAUREN LONDON!I guarantee you if you saw her out anywhere, you would not say those things. You ignorant people you!!!!

  22. No one said Lauren didn’t have class. We said she is a terrible actress and I personally said her teeth were big and they are. As for actresses, I prefer Sanaa Lathan and Gabrielle Union, two women who can actually act.

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