Laurieann Gibson’s New Single

After having conquered the world of dance, choreographer to the stars, Laurieann Gibson, is ready to try her hand at music.

Long regarded at the true visionary behind Lady Gaga, Laurienn has taken a page out of the singer’s playbook and released her own dance single, the highly synthesized “Last Chance.”

I’ll be honest; I couldn’t get back the first 39 seconds. Truthfully, you can’t even hear Laurieann. Her voice gets totally lost in this elctro-pop of a mess song.

As a dancer and director, Laurieanna is at the top of her game. As a singer, she should be ejected from the game.

This song is a NO!


  1. I disagree. I listened to the verses, and she doesn’t sound bad at all. Get past the 39 seconds and listen to the song. It’s really not a bad dance record for this genre of music.

  2. Not that bad, definately not the worse thing I’ve heard in the music industry.

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