Lauryn Hill Makes A Rare Appearance

Lauryn Hill made a rare public appearance last night. The notoriously reclusive star was seen attending the Tanzania Education Trust & Gala in New York City. Held at the Plaza Anthenee, the high profile event was hosted by President Jakaya Kikwete and Lauryn, who has been known for her charitable endeavors over the years, was listed an honored guest.

Earlier this year Lauryn returned to the stage, performing at the Raggamuffin Music Festival and making stops throughout New Zealand and Australia. Sadly, no new music is expected from the singer any time soon.


  1. I am a huge fan of Lauryn…glad to see her out and about. The outfit makes her look matronly but she looks healthy.

  2. I LUV Lauryn and it`s such a shame she`s not currently on the music scene. I purchased her album, ‘The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill’, years ago when it first came out and I was not disappointed. Even during The Fugees era they, she, exemplified “CONSCIOUSNESS” and that`s a rarity nowadays.

    Like Eryhah Badu, whom I also LUV and whose new album I own, Lauryn is a DEEP sista with a lot to say but unfortunately we, as Blacks, aren`t ready for the message given by both of these “African Mother Goddesses”. If a sista isn`t gyrating and shaking her ass in our faces then we seem, for the most part, to be uninterested.

    However, speaking from a male point of view, both Erykah and Lauryn are two FINE and SEXY sistas without having to go way over the top and nearly prostitute themselves. I certainly wish Lauryn would come back onto the seem and open my mind with her music of ‘CONSCIOUSNESS’. She`s a beautiful African queen, mother of the universe, whose voice should be heard.

    Michael Jackson & The GOLDEN 80s 4ever!!! RIP “MASTER SHOWMAN”.

    Peace, in the spirit of my “HERO”, Brotha, Malcolm X. He was/is the epitome of true manhood and my LUV for him runs deeper than the worlds’ largest ocean. Watching and listening to him speak gives me goosebumps and chills in the same manner as watching Michael perform. Long live Brotha Malcolm, an African “WARRIOR”.

  3. OMG!!!! She looks amazing..I love her and I was really worried there for a few years. I pray she goes back to recording.

  4. Please come back!! We need you! lol foreal, I miss her so much!!!

  5. She looks great! she needs to come back and put these so called new superstar artists to shame… Show them how it is really done when performing live..

  6. It’s so good to see her.
    She’s so damn pretty.
    Adore her hair and I luv that necklace she wearing.

  7. Dang I was kinda scared there for a second I thought I’d never see her again. I’m happy she looking good because a couple years back she wasn’t looking so peachy. Hopefully we’ll hear so new music SOON.

  8. I’m glad to see her back too! Hope she shuts down a lot of the BS from these other female MCs. But, yall need to stop sayin she looks cute….knowin good and well she look like her name should be Edith or something. She is too pretty to be lookin so old!!!!

  9. I hope she loves music enough to come back. The radio makes it hard for anyone to be encouraged. They play the same songs all day. I don’t even listen anymore.

  10. Eish, that outfit! Makes her look like an Amish pastor’s wife. A little more style wouldn’t go amiss… One the other hand, the woman hasn’t aged a day, she still looks incredible. U gotta luv African genes…

  11. I love Lauryn Hill…the last time I’ve seen her photo she was in New Jersey with her kids…really looking homeless. I was worried about a sista..seriously. She looks great!!

  12. oooh lauryn…i do hate the outfit bt im sho glad theres some colour on her face, i tot i heard stories abt drugs and being broke,and i was afraid she had fazed out foreva… bt im glad shes arnd..go get em lau, and get in d studio!

  13. she looks beautiful…if this is what staying out of the spotlight does for musicians, then they should stay out of the spot light more often! how old is she again? she is glowing! I’m glad she took a break and is taking care of herself. Get in the studio on your own time… just do your thing, girl!

  14. What a pretty lady. I hope she makes some new music soon. But if it won’t be healthy for her then she shouldn’t do it.

  15. She looks good. Nice to see her again. Hopefully, this will be the sign of things to come, like going into the studio and giving us great music again. The industry and us music fans need her.

  16. Lauryn is still the bomb. Miseducation is still in rotation. CLASSIC!

  17. lauryn u cannot imagine how much u have been helping me with your words and your music. I understand if u wanna leave the scene for good, now the music industrie offers just trash. cheesy trash. u r so different and u know it,and u ve honorated God with your voice he gifted u.

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