Ledisi’s Acoustic Performance

Raw. Passionate. Unplugged. Watch as Ledisi delivers commanding acoustic performances of “Alright” and “Pieces of Me” on The Tom Joyner Morning Show. This woman is truly a siren of soul and there’s no question she pours her heart into every single song. As one audience member eloquently said “Good God!” Ledisi’s new album “Pieces of Me” will be available in stores and online on June 14.


  1. This girl blows my mind at how good her voice is. Stick it out girl. The rest of the worl will catch on one day.

  2. my baby was kicking before i put the performances on and i’m pretty sure he is sound asleep now, Ledisi My My My…

  3. Love, Love, Love…recorded or live…Ledisi is pretty awesome!!!…her and Marsha Ambrosium…can truly work it…Ledisi’s tribute to Lionel Richtie, singing “endless love” is quite soul-stirring…I’m happy she’s gotten as much recognition as she has…can’t wait for her new music…Ledisi is a force of nature!

  4. She really kills it live! Man when she does Going Thru Changes live I love it! I love her!

  5. I have loved her since she came out. This girl is so bad there are no words for her. Her voice is so raw and so powerful. I wish more black blogs would start talking about her present company excluded you have had several articles about her. These blogs talk about the same five black women over and over as if there are no other black women in the entertainment industry. It is enough already.

  6. Ledisi slays. I just saw Bey’s rehearshal and it is great to see sistah’s in two different lanes kill their respective lanes. This is why I love today’s music.

    People are always attacking and criticizing today’s talent, but seeing things like this refutes those criticisms. Thank you for posting this.

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