Letoya Luckett Has The Smooth Touch

Letoya Luckett has reportedly become the new face of Luster’s “Smooth Touch” line of products. The singer replaces fellow R n’ B diva Keyshia Cole, who had been the face of the brand for the last two years. Luster’s will officially announce Letoya as the face of their brand on July 28th in New York City.

As for Keyshia, rumor has it the singer’s contract was not renewed because she requested more money than the company was willing to shell out.


  1. Good for Letoya!!!…Keyshia’s plate is full I’m sure…

    I love her look…I marvel at how beautiful black women look in hair care advertisements…whether in print, packaging or on television…my daughter loves the motions tv commercial with the sista walking with her hair bouncin'(a positive image when most hair care commercials are white oriented)…hair care and car advertising show us looking fine and fabulous!

    Go Letoya!

  2. I always liked and thought that Letoya was gorgeous…. I see why the company chose her…she has a spark and glow about her 🙂 ….were as
    Keyshia was stiff to me well she’s always comes off that way to me? 🙄

  3. I was wondering what my girl been doing, good for her!!!

  4. Yess! This is a great way to get her face out there! :iagree:

  5. :hifive: Cynthinia

    Great look for Letoya and she’s always been a natural beauty, to me.

  6. I am so happy..this is my girl.. she reminds me of me..througout all the obstacles..>STILL PREVAIL!!! You go letoya!!!

  7. :iagree: And may Letoya continue to get the blessings. She deserves it… Well done!

  8. @ THE $IGNATURE, I agree. There is just something special about LeToya. And she seems so likeable. I like her smile. I think she can sing. I think she’s gorgeous and I wish her nothing but the best.

  9. Congrats to LeToya! She deserves it. Some people think because the make a few beautiful songs the can become overly demanding. Keisha dont become a legend in your own mine. LeToya is epitome of what a Beautiful Black Women looks like.

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