LeToya Luckett “Lady Love” CD Cover

Letoya Luckett "Lady Love" CD Cover
The album cover for LeToya Luckett’s new “Lady Love” CD has been revealed. A fan sent me this image just a few moments ago and overall I think it’s pretty okay. Look for Toya’s sophomore album to hit record store shelves on August 25th.

Image Source: Email via Letoyaonline.com.

Quick Update: Toya’s new video is out-> http://new.music.yahoo.com/videos/premieres/.


  1. 😯

    Yes LeToya!!!! This is so hot. I LOVE it. She is really bringing it this time around. I am so proud of her. But i’m sure ppl gone start comparing 🙄

    Anyway I can’t wait to pick this album up. I know it’s going to be hot. :mrgreen: 😎

  2. She looks beautiful. It has a little edge to it without being overdone, but still feminine. I am actual excited to hear her sophmore album, I will be buying it. I saw some pics on another site from the “She Aint Got” video and it looked very interesting, she was looking good and so was the man trying to push up on her. Go Toya!!

  3. she should change the release date of her cd, mariah’s new cd comes out that same day!

  4. Letoya’s Album cover look similar to Beyonce’s photo shoots.

  5. 😆 here we go
    Good luck to her with her new CD. Not a fan but I’m all about people following their passion.

  6. umm is she for real? no hating or anything, but that look very similar to that pic bey inside the sasha fierce album cover. Just saying, they are very similar, but okay.


  8. @Mario

    Yes I just saw the video and I loved it as well. I loved when homegirl tried to get up and she sat her back down! The blinging bats was cool as well. Good look Toya!

  9. Who cares about the likeness between this one and Queen B’s?? It’s nearly impossible to be COMPLETELY original in this day in age. All that matters is if its hot or not. And this one is just that and then some! Both ladies are extremely fierce, so why compare? I adore both black sistas and I wish Letoya as much success as her ex-bandmate. Hell, even half of Bee’s success would be a blessing but I wish her more nonetheless…

  10. Oh yeah as far as the comparisons to Bey, if we must, then don’t forget to add Janet, Mya, and Christina Milian have all recently done the cage/wire clothing photoshoot before and I might add did it before Beyonce. It is a popular theme these days so many artists have their version. Beyonce just happens to be the most popular and gets the most attention so people will say she was copied but I don’t think that was the case.

  11. @koko i mean im really loving this video! its HOT! i am proud, this has to be my favorite song (besides torn) and my favorite video by her, she looked good AND the video is hot, i was very surprised!

  12. I really admire Letoya’s determination to forge ahead with her career, but this cover, while beautiful, is not a smart move. Even with a #1 debut album (which ultimately only sold 700K or so), she’s still a launching artist. As such, the artwork for her album needs to feature as much of her face as possible in order to keep the branding strong.

    This cover would be lucky to attract my attention if I were passing by in a record store (even though those hardly exist anymore). Hopefully the TV and billboard advertising will be a bit stronger.

  13. @Mario – yeah, I mean if I only had 4 seconds to look at it w/o the accompanying text, I’d be hard pressed to figure out if it were Rihanna, Kerry Washington, or some anonymous model…

  14. I love the cover though I wish it didn’t obscure her face as much. But she looks lovely. I listened to the song and I actually ‘like’ it LOL 😎 Will have to make it a point to get with the club kids and sweep da’ flo’ wid’ it to this joint. 😛 😀 :mrgreen:

  15. @Baron yeah i agree

    @Kanyade i agree as well still a lovely cover, just wish we could see more of her face, but im telling you, im IN LOVE with the video haha she looks soooo good!

  16. These comments shows you why the BET awards and everything else that has to do with black music is such crapt now. It’s about everything but the content of the music. How is the music going to be. Forget everything else and let’s start focusing on the music again.

  17. I second that Bee. It hasn’t been about the music for a long time..and when it is..the artists that respect the craft are shut out of the spot light so they remain fairly unpopular/unknown..

  18. I love the cover…while her face is a bit obscure…when they get through with all the media impressions…online more than in print…we’ll know it’s LeToya…it has mystery and is inviting you to explore the possibilities and take a listen.

    It is unfortunate it’s not about the music…this is why the record business is losing money, big time…my girls Hil St. Soul, Goapele, Ledisi, Chante Moore, Lina, Rachelle Ferrell, Amel Larrieux, Joi, Maysa, Jaguar Wright as well as others remain out of the mainstream promotion and exposure…they make a comfortable living, but would sell more music if the industry invested in these artists with a loyal fanbase…thank God, Jazmyne Sullivan and Chrisette Michelle made it through…

    LeToya is putting out some good music, given the constraints of the industry that she has to work within to sell records. The girl is doing it better than others in the same situation…her soul comes through and not just a formula and marketing ploys…gimmicks…a beautiful and talented woman trying to entertain us with her vocal storytelling…I give her high marks and the best is yet to come!!!

  19. I think the cover is very pretty, but is Letoya a big enough artist to do a cover like that? Do people know her that well?

  20. The cover is very classy and a bit edgy. Her eyes are so expressive too. She is probably the most likable of the younger R&B singers.

  21. Really love the cover but I expect the music better than her last album.

  22. @Cynnithina that is only in America. Unfortunatley we have lost of culture of music. Those women are always touring overseas because they still enjoy great music over there. People like them will always have a career over there. Most of us have been brainwashed into liking this music because it has been pushed down your throat so much.

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