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Watch Letoya Perform "She Ain't Got" I was reading the Sunday paper today when I saw a Walmart advertisement for Letoya Luckett’s new album, Lady Love. I have to be honest- I totally forgot about it. Radio has not been very supportive of Letoya this time around and reportedly, neither has Capital Records- the singer’s new label. Lady Love will hit record store shelves this Tuesday, August 25th. However, as many you already know, it leaked well over a month ago. Despite these many obstacles, Letoya is a fighter and is continuing on with the promotion of her album, with or without the support of her label. The singer gave her first live performance of her latest single, She Ain’t Got, on KTLA, a local Los Angeles television station. You can check out her performance by clicking the image below (You Tube).

Watch Letoya Perform "She Ain't Got"


  1. I don’t want to be a negative Nelly but I did say this would happen. People were really interested in Letoya and Latavia after the DC breakup and so when Letoya dropped an album a few people ran to check it out and radio gave it some play.

    Fast forward a few years and we see Letoya is truly no different than people like Cassie. Her songs, voice and performances are all mediocre. In no way does she stand out or bring anything to the game that ain’t already here.

    Yes, Letoya seems to be a great person but musically she is totally uninteresting.

    I still wish her luck though.

  2. Then she should fit in with everyone that has come out in the last 8 years. So she should be a huge star.

  3. I love her new album! I think she came back hard.Her voice sounds better then beyouce!!

  4. Latoya got knocked down at an young age and very early in her career. And to make a comeback as a sole artist in the music industry takes gusts. She is a fighter and for that alone I will support her. I love B but Toya is a real survivor in my opinon. She has tancity and I like that about her.

  5. Remember back in the day when the music industry consisted of a variety of female singers and they all brought something different to the music scene. Now it seems as if the record companies only want to support and promote, Beyonce Knowles and Rihanna.

  6. Bee: I was about to say the same thing, honestly unless it takes very little to impress you, we should ass agree that those last 5 years no one has been able to put a show show and forgive me but a woman shaking her booty doesnt entertain me in any way shape or form, blame it on my non bi/homo sexuality,so letoya should be a huge stars because her music is good and she has great club bangers why people just won’t give her a chance is beyond me pretty soon all singers are going to get the message clear and loud and they are all going to go overseas and leave the states music whacker than it already is and then it’s gonna be blame it on the radio, when in all actuality some people just don’t know good music when they hear it, and for once my point is not directed at anyone so don’t start with me 🙂


  7. Broken record begins…..*scratch, scratch…its’ corporate owned radio that is the culprit. We have always depended on our favorite DJ to play the latest. Dozens of radio stations are programmed by one person. Songs are chosen to appeal to a narrow demographic to gaurantee a market for advertisers…..Scratch, scratch* end of record.

    Consider yourself blessed if you live in a market that will mix in some RnB oldies because alot of us only get gutter rap.

  8. LeToya’s album is the best R&B along with Keri Hilson’s release.

    Hopefully she will leave Capitol if they don’t drop her as they do other urban acts.

    There is no reason LeToya’s music shouldn’t do well, because it has substance and vocally she has turned up the heat and her lyrics are always on point.

    Support her because it’s good music, not out of pity.

    Truth-be-told, only Taylor Swift is really selling, Lady Gaga got a late start on the charts and holds her own.

  9. She has full album listen on her Myspace and I’m diggin the cd and gettin’ it

  10. Myspace did an album spotlight recently and previewed her complete album and I must say not only has she grown vocally, the material is better, and it is the R&B we have or at least I have been craving. Truthfully speaking there has not been an album that I have wanted to listen to from beginning to end but I did with this one and there is truly something for everyone on the album. Even though her promotion isn’t what it should be I think it will be one of those that pick up after the release, and in some of her interviews that I have seen she mentions doing alot of her own promotion and she just hired a former manager of Alicia Keys so I think she is going in the right direction. I hope she can get from Capitol as well because they are not doing any of their urban artists any justice and some are quite good. I disagree with those that say she is uninteresting, she seems to have alot of substance and can present herself well in the intervierws, even when they ask her the same 10 year old Destiny Child and Beyonce questions. Somehow she manages to answer and return the convo back to her. Anywho buy the album you will be pleasantly surprised.

  11. Go to Letoyanews.com and you will see many good live performances and interviews from her. I didn’t care for the KTLA one because she didn’t have a band like she normally does.

  12. I haven’t heard the new LP yet, but I will say this:

    @Dana – I agree with everything you said

    @Nikki – I hate to argue w/ ppl I don’t know but I don’t at all understand your taste in vocal quality if you think LeToya’s voice has ANYTHING on Beyonce’s

  13. One more thing

    @Voice – Beyonce does many things with her performances besides shake her booty, you obviously have not been to any of her shows. And if you didn’t notice LeToya herself served up a healthy amount of T&A in the “She Aint Got” vid, so be sure to have both sides present in any argument you present, lest your commentary be dismissed as unresearched and biased.

  14. It’s in stores? Her promo needs to be a lot better….dang smh.

    Lol @ Voice

  15. In this day and time, I believe Letoya will do just fine…legions of fans are rooting for her and that’s half the battle! People relate to her struggle.

    No one can be compared to Beyonce, she does her thing for her fanbase! It’s not all that great being in Beyonce’s shoes either, there’s nowhere to go but down! Janet, Whitney, Brandy and a host of others have proven this.

    Just to be able to make a substantial living doing what you love is phenomenal, think Deborah Cox, Tamia, Fantasia, New Edition, Angie Stone, Amel Larrieux and others contantantly tour here and abroad with a loyal fanbase, live a good life while raising families. It’s awesome! The music industry has become too much about numbers and not quality. Look at the Uk, they’re bringin it…high quality music…Estelle, Amy Winehouse, Noisette, Laura Izibor (Ireland)…it’s possible to be radio friendly and sell.

    Letoya isn’t going to disappear, ok!

  16. so happy for letoya she got 2 movies comin out soon so sick of beyonce in the media her songs are trash and people call her the queen of what is the question letoya lucketts music is better than beyonce its real r and b

  17. @Baron: The only thing i would remenber from beyonce in the years coming is that crazy in love booty hop, I couldnt even sing me myself and i all the way trought last time i heard it, So do not be mad at me if your girl chose to sell sexs instead of using her god giving talent, and please i done the “intelligent wanna be stan” already and my hormones are raging so i suggest you leave me alone, as for letoya’s she ain’t got , That song is what ? One out of her Wonderful balads? Beyonce been shaking it for the world to see since 2003 it’s been 6 years, so you have NO room to talk when it comes to others making videos, talking about unresearched and biased., WHO in this world are more unresearched and biased. than you beyonce supporters? do not even get me started Oh and you know i didnt say beyonce’s name, I wonder how you came up with it… Oh wait that’s right, You know i was telling the truth! Ignare

  18. That song is garbage, performance so so. Anyway Toya fighter but i don’t see this album blowing up, at least she’s fully clothed.

  19. Wow. Decided to drop in again after a brief absence and more negativity.

    @Dana how can you be the 1st commenter and say something sooo negative after claiming u don’t want to be negative.

    Anyway, I came from another site and mostly all of the commentors said they were getting the album. There were nothing but good reviews, except for the few Dana’s of the world. LOL

  20. @talula she getting great review and alot of people allready got the album. Im getting my copy tomorrow.

  21. From Hits Daily: Letoya (Capitol) 25-30k

    I am little shocked and saddened by this. I was really rooting for Letoya to do well. I know this is just an estimate, but this is not a good look for her 🙁

  22. I got the album yesterday afternoon and it is VERY solid effort unfortunatelly not many people have it

  23. @Lady

    I just read that a couple of weeks ago she switched management due to poor promotion and sinlge selection. She is reportedly with Alicia Key’s Management company.

    She is like the little engine that could. Never giving up.


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