LeToya Performs At The BET Awards Pre-Show

LeToya Luckett Letoya Luckett just performed her new single “Not Anymore” on BET’s pre-show. As many of you may have heard by now, there were rumors circulating online that Matthew Knowles, father and manager of Beyonce, threatened to pull his daughter from the line-up if Letoya was allowed to take the stage as well. Neither Beyonce nor her father responded to the rumor, but LeToya did in a radio interview a few weeks ago, stating only that she was “disappointed” if the rumor was true. Whatever the case, Toya gave a great performance (which I will upload when it becomes available) and hopefully one day BET will allow the singer to take to the big stage as well.

Arrival pics of Toya are below and performance pics will be upload when they become available.


  1. I enjoyed seeing LeToya. SHe did great. I personally believe that it was a publicity stunt. I hate to say that but these are entertainers and it is their way to drum up attention even if it is perceived as negative. Maybe Mr. Knowles is like that, but I still believe an entertainer will do what they believe they need to to draw attention to themselves. I still wish them the best whatever the situation is. I appreciate them for their talents and gifts.

  2. I wouldn’t put it past these folks, either party. We’re all human. Bottom line.

    I thought Letoya did great; she looked amazing. I enjoyed her onstage with Chaka and Estelle.

    Everyone looked lovely. The performances were okay. Standout performance for me, Trey Songz, Johnny Gill, Tevin Campbell and Tyrese. Love them. They sounded GREAT.


  3. Pathetic,Her ass had the nerve to sit next to joe jackson after she talked shit about him,pathetic bitch the knowles are going to end up such a bad way that they wont even see it coming, This awards was a joke boring as fudge!!!! I can’t believe on an award for mjas her cheap ass wore a swinsuit Tacky,Cant kill the hood in an hood rat,Ciara wow i never heard her ass sing like that so i guess mjays brought some good out of at least once person,Love Love alicia keys taraji letoya and chaka the rest was borign as FUCK


    ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. Janet. What strength. I just wish this show would’ve been a REAL tribute show, as advertised. I feel I got hoodwinked. Oh well. Back to not watching.

  6. If those rumours are true, the star and her mgr dad are really evil. That is just down right mean. Seriously, how can any of the other DC girls or any other artist for that matter affect Bey? She has already made her name globally and endorses over 20 products! It is just evil to stand in the way of others and it irks me that she has the best PR team to keep making her and family seem like angels.

    Anyhooo, it is all in God’s hands and everyone will get their just rewards. All the best to Letoya. I have a feeling she will be A-OK. There is an inner strength u develop when u have to fight for everything in life and don’t have the luxury of having all the power players in your corner.

  7. kanyade , me too, That was whack boring and if you ask me disrespectful as hell.

  8. Awesome dress choice Miss Luckett. She wears the dress very well indeed. It appears to be a signature Rodarte. Their designs is exquisite.

    As for the rumor, I don’t believe it for a second. I’m glad neither Beyonce nor her father bother to give it weight. I wish for them to continue ignoring it in the future, and take the high road.

    I didn’t catch the show. From what I’ve seen on you tube, I’m glad I skipped it.

  9. @voice shut da hell up dam nething she do u would still hate it jus because the fact u dnt like her, it was for mj whether u like/believe it or not! if jesus himself came to earth n said he was a fan of beyonce u would turn against him which is ๐Ÿ™ n a dnt get mad at me for statin da truth, (dam man dis world gotta change)

  10. Maxwell is just awesome. He is on a whole nother level. I think BET needs to have a seperate show to honor Michael Jackson because that was terrible. I understand it was short notice. But that was terrible. I liked seeing the male stars from the 90’s. BBD did the best. Can someone without going crazy explain Beyonce just explain that too me because I simply didn’t get it. And for everyone saying that Ciara couldn’t sing you couldn’t be more wrong. And I think Trey Songz needs to get with a real producer. Someone like Babyface. He has real talent and it is not being utilized. And why is Johnny not singing. Mr. Gill please come back with a cd and go on tour with Maxwell. Please all the singes come back. Ican’t take another BET award show. It’s not their fault they have to work with what’s out.

  11. BET should have kept it as regular programming because what kind of tribute was that for the worldโ€™s greatest music entertainer. Iโ€™m not even a fan but BET couldnโ€™t even get Chris Brown or Usher to perform?!?! The highlight of this ghetto mess was the one and ONLY JANET JACKSON coming out and shutting it down by walking out on the stage once again. I give mad props to Jamie Foxx and Neyo as well. Monica and Keke Palmer sounded wonderful.

  12. Oh yeah and Mr. Johnny Gill sounded better than ever.

  13. if anyone is a hater it is beyonce’. can any one say over-exsposure! i think the rumor is true. latoya is talented and they know it. they don’t want people saying that latoya did a better job,WHICH LATOYA DID!!!! i’m tired of the innocent act she keeps putting on in public!!!! last thing, what kind of performance was that! someone should’ve told beyonce’ not to do that!!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  14. she did do a pretty good performance and her vocals def. improved from last time she performed at the preshow

  15. I kinda believe it because did anyone catch that No one elses nominees got called they just said who the winner was was?! but lo and behold Beyonce’s in a category and they have to announce the nominees!!! WTH? SMH

  16. Letoya looked great and did great! She and Alicia were hands down best dresssed of the night. The presentation she did with Chaka and Estelle was great as well. I am just glad she is continuing on her grind regardless of the rumors and other mess. I think people trip on her because if you think about it she isn’t scared of a certain family, she hasn’t allowed any of them to stop her and she is having fun at the same time. When she gets asked questions about them she just answers honestly and goes about her business as usual, you can’t knock her for that.


  18. So? B.e.t have been kissing he and his wife ass forever and none of you say sh-t now that chris ike turner jr brown can’t perform you have something to say ? damn hypocrites! dont be mad at him be mad at bet for being weak as hell, i hate b.e.t anyway then need to change it to aaet because they sure as hell only represent for one side of the black population Mofos..

  19. dam voice hate is a strong word lol i wonder who/what else u hate??? i think we all kno but thats bcuz ur a HATER!

  20. For that crapt that they did they both could have stayed home. They make everything about them. What a joke. They had better stay on top because upon their fall they will see all the people that they did wrong to get to wear they are at. And those people will not be nice to them at all. This is some mess these two just stopping people from performing. They can only pull this with BET because the Grammies and MTV would tell both of them to go to you know where.

  21. yall believe dat sh*t if yall want2. do you actually believe they could MAKE b.e.t. stop someone 4rm performin that website mediatakeout yall believe a lil 2much.

  22. ๐Ÿ™„ HERE WE GO AGAIN! I think that was a rumor but you know folks run with anything they hear! Anywho she did a great job! I love Letoya and she deserves all the success she has coming to her. I love “Not Anymore” and I cant wait til her album drops in August! Go Toya!

    BTW She looked CUTE minus those big country shoes!? Ugh…

  23. she has a place in the industry right now. She has great appeal and good music just like Aaliyah did. Her music was just clean and meaningful. Great performance, great for what the song is anyway and she looked great. Who else is going it like her? No one. Their were people on the bet award stage last night that imo she could have replaced.

  24. Beyonce must think she some goddess or something always showing up somewhere half naked she need to dress like she got some class! She is a married woman and she look like she out advertising, people sick of her ugly husband and her go some where and stop trying to block other peoples success music don’t begin and end with you two evil biatches!!!

  25. Missed it… it’d have been NICE to see it in the main show. lol Voice

  26. SURABI…….If it was a publicity stunt bey and her father couldv’e sued her for defamation of character ๐Ÿ˜ !!!! especially since they still paying her (toya) to this day for what coke nose ๐Ÿ˜† did almost 10yrs ago to her,you don’t think he would jump to the chance to get his money back,chile puhleeeesss!!

  27. I do believe that Bey and her dad stopped Letoya from performing at the award show. But there is a GOD up high that looks down low, and if they did do it…. they will get whats coming to them. Letoya did an awesome job and that girl can dress her ass off. Toya keep doing your thing and let the haters keep hating.

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