Letoya Luckett Shooting A New Video

Letoya Luckett Shoot Regret Video (3) Letoya Luckett’s “Lady Love” album appears not to be dead in the water after all. After the singer’s first two singles (Not Anymore & She Ain’t Got) failed to spark any interest at radio, word was Capitol Records was abandoning the project. However, with her latest single “Regret” climbing the R n’ B charts and quickly becoming a fan favorite, it appears Capitol is quickly doing an about face. Letoya took to her Twitter page earlier this week to let fans know promotion of her new album would indeed go on and that she was presently shooting a video for the “Regret” single. Letoya tweeted a few images from the set, several included special guest, rapper Ludacris.

Letoya Luckett Shoot Regret VideoLetoya Luckett Shoot Regret Video (1)Letoya Luckett Shoot Regret Video (2)


  1. Yay for Lady Love because the album is actually great R&B. It’s too bad Capitol didn’t listen to LeToya and release Regret first. She could have sold so much more, but

    since they made a bad decision, LeToya had to pay the price. So unfortunate.

  2. I haven’t heard “Regret”
    *making note to do so
    but I’m glad that her label is continuing to back her up. I also hope this single helps her gain some success for her album because she seems to deserve it. I really like & admire LeToya 🙂

  3. The third single might be the last from the album. I wish her the best but the truth might be the other story.

  4. her cd is hott as hell the whole cd is real r@b like 90’s music and i listen to it everyday good luck toya on ya cd

  5. she might have some good luck in the music indusrt now that tiffany evans went hard on rihanna beyonce jay z and kanye callin them devil woshippers lol

  6. love that song. she should release one more video for “tears” too. that’s my song!

  7. Good for LaToya! She deserves much success. She works hard. She has a great personality. And, she is just as talented, if not more talented, than the other folks using change of clothings and walks through pap-ville to sell their records. Yeah, I am talking about Rihanna and Ciara.

  8. I agree with most that Lady Love is really a good cd. I like Regret and hope it sparks interest in her cd

  9. good that her cd is getting backed by the “regret” label again lol. but aint it funny I bet the record label really does regret what thet did.

  10. I really like her. I think after this album her and her team needs to sit down and think things threw. I still haven’t heard the album though. i know the last one was hot.

  11. Good for her,I love Lady Love. Her next single should be Good To Me, it really showcases the growth in her voice and is a great song.

  12. Congrats Letoya. I hope she can come back on the scene, like she did few years ago.

  13. Her label is straight stupid. I wish her much success in these days of deep and extensive payola. Wish it were back in the ’90s when it was okay for a black artist to hit it big on the R&B charts only.

  14. I’m happy to hear this. Letoya is so talented and “Regret” is my ish!

  15. LT LADY LOVE album is on constant repeat. Glad she’s got gr8 fans who had to make their voices heard, CRAPITOL had to wake up and realise… Glad Regret is making moves and LT deserve all her long due success…

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