Letoya To Drop New Single Before Album Release

Letoya Luckett With the release of Letoya Luckett’s sophomore album just weeks away and no singles buzz to help promote sales, the singer’s record label is switching things up a bit. The Ne-Yo written single “Not Anymore” is now being called just an “introduction” to what Letoya has in store for her fans on her upcoming “Lady Love” CD and another single, “She Ain’t Got Sh*t On Me”, will now act as the official first single from the album. Dubbed the “Official Ladies Anthem of 2009”, the single was produced by Cory Bold and is due to impact radio in early June. Lady Love will be released on June 23rd and features writing and production credits from Missy Elliott, Tank and Floetry’s Marsha Ambrosius.

If you haven’t heard “She Ain’t Got Sh*t On Me” you can check it out below.


  1. Let’s tell the truth. A few years ago everyone wanted to hear from Latoya and Latavia. They were booted out the group and then Beyonce started telling folKs neither of them could sing in the first place. Toya and Tavia were in all the magazines trying to prove they could sing and that created drama and hype. In all these years no one really got to see what Toya could do and once they found out they were ready to move on. Latoya is nice girl but she can barely sing and brings nothing to game that isn’t already here. The public isn’t interested or curious in her anyone and that’s why the first single tanked. I hear she is going into movies which is good. She needs to stay diversified because singing really isn’t her thang.

  2. “Latoya is nice girl but she can barely sing” :lol2: are you serious with that statement? Letoya can sing as good if not better than almost anyone you can bring me out give me a break, Did you take the time to listen to her album? her new singles? even leaked material? I hate when people do that, fail artists before they even drop some material, Letyora is the only DC menbers beside beyonce to have a very successful album she has a fan base,I bet you if the other menbers release some stuff they can manage to move a few copies on their own some people are very loyal , you can’t sit here and tell me letoya can’t sing that is delusional and if you wanna take it there Who in your opinion can sing? Oh please! if it was about who could sing like dat like dat NONE of the DC girls would have sold half an album because if we really wanna go by the basics rules of vocal performances they can all sit down and let the jennifer hudson,jazmine sullivan, AND fantasia take the stage, so don’ t gimme that bullshit,and please speak for YOURSELF and not the public,the first single tanked because unlike “torn” she is NOT receiving heavy promotions!
    “She ain’t got sh*t on me” Is not a track for me but the ghetto fabulous chicks that constitue dc fanbase will eat it up ,I’m still listening to “not anymore”

  3. :lol2: :stop: :hater:

    WENDY and VOICE crawl back into your very tight crab holes. LeToya is no worse off a singer than Britney who has sold more records than BeYawnSay worldwide!!!!!!!!!

    Even Rihanna has sold more than BeYawnSay. LMFAOOOOOO What are you all really saying? Nothing!

    even BeYawnSay sounds like crap without a backtrack. Check that Letterman Halo performance for proof.

    You don’t speak for the public.
    You’re obviously got some insecurities you haven’t come to terms with so you want to bash defenseless LeToya.

    Speak for yourself. If you don’t like her say you don’t like her. That’s cool, you’re not in the position to start an anti-LeToya movement.

    She has fans,
    She sold over 170,000+ copies of her debut.


    BeYawnSay had to release 3 singles before her BDay cd gained speed. She went through Deja Vu, Ring the Alarm and finally released Irreplaceable that helped sell her album. I’m not gonna dis BeYawnSay totally, but she has her challenges with her concert, lackluster, mediocre, juvenile music, and she has simply failed to evolve which explains why her sales are stuck in the low 2 million range. Sure any artist would love to sell platinum, but when you have someone like BeYawnSay who is overexposed and not growing in her craft, you can’t possibly knock LeToya’s hustle.

    BeYawnSay had to be built up in the group. Her voice had to be developed but she lip synchs and again watch that Letterman Halo performance when Daddy Matthew wanted to prove she could sing without a backtrack. She was horrible. Proof is in the delivery.

    LeToya, LaTavia, Kelly, Farrah, and Michelle were all used to advance the Knowles money monger mentality, so anytime one of those girls gets a blessing to relive their dream all over again it should be applauded!!!!!!

  4. Steph, the album has been pushed back again from that June date according to LO.com.

  5. I like her, ‘Not Anymore’ is a nice song…but ‘SAGSOM’ sounds like (sorry for my words in advance) a ghetto mess….I’m sorry, but it just sounds all over the place and it doesn’t seem like the direction she should go in cuz it seems a tad bit awkward when listening to it. I got bored when i heard it and it just sounded not right…i didn’t like it at all. ‘Not Anymore’ is by far my preference, altho that wasnt that hot either, but i still like it.

  6. @Wendy- I saw Latoya live. She can sing and dance. I liked her first album. I think she’s talented.

  7. I like the way that LeToya sings and she has passion about it. I really wish that she gets the success that she so deserves and have worked at since she was a child. And with movies I hope she picks something that is worthwhile and not just get into something just to get her feet wet. I wish her the best.

  8. Yaaay I cant wait! I really like Letoya, I think she was one of the best singers in DC, she has her own style, and her voice is so “Lady sings the blues-ISH…I love it AND she’s not out here tryna be like everyone else she knows the R&B lane is what suits her and I can respect that. “Not anymore ” is a good song, Im mad they didnt give it that much air play πŸ™ “She aint got sh*t on me” is HOT!

  9. you know whos last cd was actually good, but it didn’t get pushed? Raven Symones. That is a very good cd believe it or not.

  10. I have to agree with Wendy. I remember watching LeToya screech her way through Torn on BET and I was too through πŸ˜† . God bless the sista and Iwishher luck in all she does but IMO her singing and eprforming is mediocre at best.

  11. Aren’t women tired of fighting over men?????? Not to mention they generally fight over stupid @** cheaters and liars. She can take her pitiful “Ladies Anthem” BACK THERE. This is for the birds. I don’t support those types of songs. These girls come from “Girl Power” groups but are gonna sing this “who’s this chick you think is so bad, I’ll fight her, show her she ain’t got sh**** on me (that h0oooe)” or “she gonna have all my chinchilla coats if I let you go”. STFU!!!!! already, get a brain. I hope this single flops, call me mean, but I don’t support stupidity. I’m also tired of that electro/rnb stuff everybody’s doing when they run out of ideas, bye Letoya, see you on your next project maybe.

  12. I love LeToya! Her voice is beautiful. She was always my favorite out of DC. Her vocals continue to prove haters wrong everytime she steps to the mic. She sang the hell out the National Anthem. Did not think she had that in her. She sure surprise me. Great Job Toya! Very happy to hear SAGOSM to be the next single. Hot single! I am happy she listeningand catering to her fans, afterall it is the fans buying the music not the label executives.

  13. I think Toya will be fine. I think it is good they are not rushing and just putting out an album. ‘Not Anymore’ did not flop, it has reached in the top 30 and 40 of two different charts that I have seen and is still charting. The video is on BET countdown which just means that people are starting to take notice of her again. It will take a little time because we haven’t heard from her in a while so she has to get her face out there again. She has a nice collabo with Mims that will be a single and she sounds great, I heard it the other day on the radio already. She sang the National Athem at the Houston/Lakers game, so her promotion is picking up. Actually her sound is a little refreshing, I am ready for a more R&B sound. These days I think that if your label is 100% behind you and supports you then you can do well.

  14. @Toya Rocks

    before I comment ask yourself, was that necesary. Rihanna has not outsold beyonce’s total album sales, not by a long shot. But, i refuse to repost their stats, either you can’t read or you’re just dense, check old posts you’ll see. Also, LeToya is an amazing singer and she should have pushed Not Anymore harder because she does better on ballads, just a statement of fact. But, this song will appeal to urban radio, and her voice is very good.

  15. @Voice

    I agree with you…though you could have said it more tactfully :). But still true all the same. … however, to sell like that they had to appear to more than just…the ghetto fabulous chicks.

  16. Oh, Lawd! Profanity is so unnecessary IMO. I have heard it said that sometimes such words can’t be replaced when expressing certain sentiments. That’s bananas!

    I realize that I am not the target demographic for this song. I guess this is perfect background music for the “girl fight” cliche as they get ready for the club. It has a lil bouncy beat so I am sure that element will bump it this summer.

    I am too old for this.

  17. For the record I am more curious about this project than some others. I will be looking for you guys reviews (esp Kanyade) once the CD drop to determine if I should check it out myself.

  18. I love Toya! I will give this a chance. :thumbsup:

  19. Letoya can sing and she is a natural beauty. If you don’t like her, don’t talk trash about her, just don’t listen to her and don’t buy her album. The girl is working hard and I appreciate it. And I like “Not anymore”. I am glad she is not doing the booty shaking, naked oiled body, bathing suit and pinup stuff in her videos,just like most female artists.

  20. Toya rocks, Today is not the day Girl you better leave me alone before you get tracked down and f-cked up okay?

  21. i like this song, but i also can admit that she sounds very bad live, i remember her doing the preshow i think it was for bet awards and after everyone talked about how bad she did no one put her on their show again from what i can remember, with that being said that doesnt stop me from buying an album, like rihanna ill buy the album if i like the songs (which i do) doesnt mean i have to go see her live but so far from the tracks ive heard from latoya on this album im probably going to buy the album

  22. @pearlsrevealed,

    I have to be honest. I will most likely give some of the tracks a listen, but not enough for a full-on review. I like LeToya. Loved the two singles she released with her first release (singles/videos) but I never bought the album. While I like some of these R&Bsters, for the most part, I’m an old soul…I listen to more ‘neo-soul’ (I hate that term) and ‘soul’ music than run of the mill R&B…………no disrespect to LeToya, Beyonce (witht he exception of her first record), Keyshia, Ciara, Cassie, Keri, heck Rihanna, Kelly, Amerie (with the exception of her first record), etc. I don’t listen to this end of the genre….I’m more inclined to Jill Scott, Jaguar Wright, Erykah Badu, Amel Larrieux, Jazmine Sullivan, heck Phyllis Hyman! LOL. I’m an old soul, but will gladly give this a listen as I’m always itching for some new music.

    But thanks for the shoutout. :brownsista:

  23. @pearlsrevealed,

    Really reviewing wouldn’t be an issue for me except that it’s all about accessibility. Currently my home PC is having some issues with ‘sound’, so I can’t hear any of these leaked tracks. And while I’m at work, I hardly get the time to sneak a listen to anything. But I’d love to give this a listen, along with some of these other records coming out.

    The album I’m waiting on is: Maxwell’s A Black Summer’s Night. Oh yes! 7.7.09 :bowdown:

  24. @ Kanyade

    Our taste are indeed similar.

    I cancelled my internet subcription several months ago and get by with unlimited use of the internet at work . I have an office with a door. Score! And they only perform audits when requested by a Director. So as long as I do my job and don’t make my boss look bad I will maintain this fringe benefit. πŸ˜†

    I had a melt down when I recently viewed Maxwell’s latest video “Pretty Wings” on another blog. A coworker was stunned by my behavior. I am not uptight ALL the time you know. πŸ˜†

  25. I like Letoya and I brought the first album but this new single am not feeling at all.

  26. i love Letoya and love her latest video it looks like a movie and she cud be an actress i think …….i love pretty wings i love the way he playfully sings the chorus….i’m so glad he is back had an oppornity to see him live lastyear and drove alone for 3 hours just to see him live and was glad that he got rid of the mo-hair and looked like a gentleman,he is just amazing…wud love to see Anthony Hamilton with my own naked eyes.

  27. :stop: Whoever put Rhianna or LeToya on the same level as Beyonce are DEAD WRONG!!!!!!

    Rhianna – mediocre singer, should stick to modeling
    LeToya- pretty good singer, horrible live performer
    Beyonce- The ULTIMATE PERFORMER (okay horrible actress)

    There is nobody in the game who can go at Beyonce, as Jay-Z says, “I got the baddest chick in the game wearing my chain!”

    Beyonce can sing and dance and keep anybody entertained, she knows how to put on a great show. As far as Rhianna selling more than Beyonce. Rhianna struck gold with “Umbrella” and the success followed BUT she still can’t sing or perform on Beyonce’s level. Beyonce has sold so many more albums than Rhianna to even put her on Bee’s level is CRAZY. I know some people feel that Beyonce is over saturated in the market and at times I think she is too but she is still a hard worker and in my opinion is way better than Letoya or Rhianna.

  28. I think that was a very smart move with the way the music game is now. It is smart that she’s giving her fans and future fans a better feel before stepping out with the album. Keri Hilson would have flopped if she just let energy do it. She would’ve sold only 4,000. This is the reason that Cherish flopped, they didn’t put out enough singles, and they didn’t have the promotion. I think Letoya can sing, shes no worse off than Keri or Ciara. I also think she played the Beyonce thing right too. Letoyas a nice humble girl, she can sing, she’s pretty, and she has great style, I wish her the best.

  29. It’s kind of catchy if you ask me with the beat.. But it’s no ladies anthem, that’s for sure. By all means let’s scratch and fight over guys and think it’s super cute. Ew. I don’t know which direction she’s trying to go in. This is a step back from “Not Anymore”. She can do better.

  30. No matter how well or bad she sings…. her album WILL NOT sell … that’s a FACT .. not an opinion. She won’t get close to the 100k … and her label will continue to put less & less money into her.

    As you can see they are barely putting money into her now…. So, she is slowly on her way out the door.. UNLESS she proves that she has skills in something else.. like movies, radio, or something …

  31. That is what alot of what the haters said about her first album and she went #1 surpassed Pharell over 100,000 albums sold. So your guess/predictions Tippy, is about as good as the other haters wanting her to fail. LOL!

  32. Dani: Celine dion can’t sing or entertain like bey yet who is the legend recognized and certified (not in her stans mind) the sooner you people accept that voice or not some chick are on beyonce level and doing big things like her, stop cheer leading that is so high school!

  33. i love toya.. she is a beautiful woman and love her music.. infact liked that “not anymore single”.. wish it got more airplay but all the non talented fools get ariplay with thier noise.. what happened to good music being on radio.. i think she will do ok..haters need to fall back..if you think bee is better, then good for you but dnt bring her down and wish her failure coz you like bee more.. that is just insane..her music is actually good…wish you all the success toya and will be buying that album.. :hifive:

  34. @Kankayde I am waiting for Maxwell too girl. I love pretty wings. And for all of the Bee stans or stalkers or whatever you call yourselves, what are you going to do when she rest for two years. Because she is apparently the best thing that has happened in your lives for a lot of you on this blog. What are you all going to do?

  35. @Mario hello baby. She toured with mary j and jaheim. My friend went and he said she blow it out the water. Im going to give her a chance and stop comparing her to anyone. She her own person trying to get out there like the others.

  36. @ Dani,

    I mentioned Beyonce and Rihanna and Letoya and Ciara and Keyshia and Brandy, etc. in the same sentence based upon the type of R&B music they put out compared to those other artists I mentioned.

    And, if I wanted to rank Rihanna vs. Beyonce, I could do that too as it would be my opinion, no?

    There’s really no need to call folk ‘CRAZY’…it’s just not needed. LOL. I see you feel passionately about Mrs. Knowles-Carter. God bless you; flicks drops of Bey’s brow-sweat on you, LOL; but really I mentioned them all as having the same type ‘music’/’R&B’ appeal vs. an E. Badu or a Jill Scott or a Ledisi, or Tamia, etc.

    Peace and love, peace and love.


    @ bee,

    Maxwell. 7.7.09 :hifive:

  37. I think America needs to get over Beyonce this blog its about Letoya I like letoya because she has many things
    1) class too many black women have left a thing called class out the window and look up to beyonce with her shaking and grinding and screaming like heffa business
    2) I said it once and ill say it again Tina Turner had been there done that with that short skirt squelling routine she used to do in the 70s with Ike Turner therefore Beyonce is not original at all she has her father and her power hungry husband whipping her but to make her squeel and through her weight around like a possesed fool

    3)I feel middle america is stuck in old colonial legacys left by ther former masters who instilled in generations that lighter is more prettier hence why Riahnna and beyonce are seen as goddesses in the black community the slave trade ended years ago let the insecurities go. Its refreshing to see and hear someone who look different a darker shade who has something to say and doesnt follow the crowd let the woman Letoya be heard let her get rich and let her reap all the glory she deserves it ok and shes talented


  38. Maria: Yes, i will sadly agree blacks are still in slave days, though we have slightly gotten better, its hard to erase 300 years of brainwashing and division amongst us. I hope, though, you are not implying that is the only reason Beyonce is treated like a goddess, Of course her complexion and unquestionable beauty plays a part, but i have to admit(and this is coming from a non-fan) her beauty and talent are on the same level which is hard to find in the game. Rhianna, now, can sing but nowhere near Beyonce. Now, of course her also showing a lot of skin doesn’t hurt either in having obsessed fans or gaining more acceptability- Let’s face it -in this society being fully clothed isn’t appealing. As for Letoya- she can definitely blow, i’ have never seen her live, but she ripped “Torn” I don’t listen to the radio or watch video like that anymore so i don’t know about her new songs, but don’t get it twisted she posed i think on the cover of King, and she was half-naked. Now maybe she doesn’t do that all the time, but it ain’t like she’s Alicia Keys who i must comment for NEVER being too overexposed. She leaves a lot to the imagination and i’m sure the men use their’s and appreciate- Gotta have a little mystery

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