LeToya Turns To Acting

What is a talented singer to do when her musical career isn’t poppin’ anymore? Why, turn to acting of course. This time tested method has most recently worked for both Christina Aguilera and Janet Jackson and now singer LeToya Luckett has decided to give it a try as well.

According to online reports, LeToya has landed a recurring role on the critically acclaimed HBO drama “Treme.” Set in post Katrina New Orleans, “Treme” follows the daily lives of a group of residents trying to rebuild after the devastating effects of hurricane.

Along with “Treme,” LeToya will be also be appearing in the upcoming film “From the Rough,” which co-stars Taraji P. Henson and the totally effin’ hot Henry Simmons. The film is currently in pre-production but already has an IMBD release date listed as fall 2011.

For those of you who still want music from LeToya, no need to worry- the singer has stated quite often via Twitter that she is already back in the studio.


  1. I haven’t seen her act yet but I LOVE Treme! Can’t wait until it returns

  2. Letoya is a very good actress…missed “Treme,” so I look forward to seeing it…I can’t wait for “Preacher’s Kid” to come on cable, for no extra charge because it’s a great cautionary tale…maybe some young lives will be spared…the music industry is way too complicated…acting is a good alternative…I wonder if she still has her boutique(s)…we all just have to be grateful and fulfilled with whatever lot God has bestowed… “it ain’t over until it’s over!”

    Go Letoya!

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