Let’s All Get Hip!

L'oreal's Hip, High Intensity Pigments Bright Shadow Duo
Beyonce represents for all the strong, and independent brown sistas. She constantly reminds us that we should always look our best because we’re worth it, by representing L’oreal Paris cosmetics. L’oreal’s Hip, High Intensity Pigments Bright Shadow Duo is not only one of my personal favs, it is the only eyeshadow I use. It’s longlasting, has vibrant colors and includes an applicator and a mirror. Why should you try it you ask? Simply because you’re worth it.

Retail Price:$7.99


  1. Yea I may have to try that out for my birthday. I’m worth it!!!

  2. I love colors and the LOREAL h.i.p is worth buying I have it

  3. i have all shade of hip i love the make up, i love how it blend with my skin, oh and alicia keys is my strong independent sista representative just so you know

  4. I don’t buy this. I tried it, and the colors are fabulous, but it doesn’t last on my eyes. I do have oily skin, but I won’t pay more than 3 or 4 dollors for something that won’t last.

  5. Well i tried it and i love it! Try it for your self ladys see how you like it.

  6. Why does this article feel like the author just got paid for it?

    Oh and uh, yeah I leave the clown makeup for the clowns. Black women do not need all that makeup to look beautiful. Our color is free. Smootches.

  7. Hip? She wears blond lace fronts!!! What’s so hip about an illusion???

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