Let’s Talk About Pep Hits VH-1

Sandra “Pepa” Denton is returning to the world of reality television with her new VH-1 dating show “Let’s Talk About Pep.” The hip hop diva will be joined by several of her friends, including journalist Jacque Reid, radio personality and actress Kali “Kittie” Troy, and Joumana Kidd– ex wife of NBA star Jason Kidd. All four of the ladies hit up MYFOXNY yesterday to talk about the show and why they chose a reality show as their venue to find love in the “Big Apple.”

“Let’s Talk About Pep” will debut on VH-1 on January 11th at 10:30 pm EST.


  1. “Urban Sex in the City”?…just say Black!

    Anyway, I may or may not watch. Good for her either way…

  2. I love how the show is referred to as an “urban sex in the city” when sex in the city was a blatant rip off of waiting to exhale

  3. These reality shows are not reality they are a ”HOT GHETTO MESS” please stop with this already….hmmm let’s see how this goes… a bunch of men supposably be so In love with her, she picks the man she wants to be with, they end up together, they break up after a couple of days, the reality show has a reunion ,then It’s let’s talk about Pepa pt.2 OR PT.3….then one of the guys on her reality show create there ”OWN” reality show….yeah just like I said ”GHETTO” MESS NOT REALITY!

  4. I aint even mad at the Reality TV shows. It’s entertainment to me when I have time to watch it. And it’s a paycheck. So I will be tunning in when I can.

  5. @BARBIE- Your sooo right so all the men better fight to be the lead star so they can get their on show. And am I the only one that notices they use the same house almost every time.

  6. I haven’t seen Jacque Reid in a long time. She used to host BET nightly news, when Bet had meaningful shows.
    Joumanna? whats she doing now? I was shocked when I heard what led to her divorce.
    Anyway, this show is not like the “of love” shows. The concept is pretty different. The first episode is already online. I saw the sneakpeak, its not bad. This will be my guilty pleasure.

    And I hate Pepas choice in wigs.

  7. no this is not goin’ to be no different then any other reality show…they are all the same In so many ways

  8. it is like the ”of love” ” for your love” ”one” love” ”wait for love” ” get your chance to love” ”step in the name of love” ”a thing called love” ”love hurts” ”all my love” ”love is blind” ”love is all i have” ”love i thought you had my back” ”f**k love”….lol let me stop

  9. Angel & Shels…You are right the wigs are horrific!! The nose all i will say is everytime I see her I pray for her. God forgive me.

  10. To my sista’s who are seeking men. Pray and wait!! Sometimes we are going to have to date a janitor, mcdonald’s man, or a man who is working towards something. Not saying you have to lower your standards. A friend of mines whom we attended graduate school together married an ex-con we were all against it. Dude got out of jail start cutting hair and now own six barbershops and they have a corner deli that is very profitable she no longer work. Looking at all four I can see why they are single. High maintainence, tons of make-up…..OMG I cannot imagine seeing Joumana Kidd without make-up

  11. LOL!! MYSHEL that’s actually really funny because i have seen joumana without make up ALL THE TIME at the gym where she takes dance and she’s actually prettier without it. I dont know her well but she is always very pleasant and smiles a lot. I think this show is going to be great! You go girl Joumana if you read this!

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