Life & Style Declares Janet Jackson Pregnant

Life & Style Magazine Declares Janet Jackson Pregnant Life & Style Magazine has declared Janet Jackson pregnant- again. The magazine has reported in the past that the singer was possibly pregnant and the New York Daily News just recently declared the singer pregnant as well. Gossip bloggers soon started spreading the pregnancy rumor, finally prompting Jermaine Dupri to to tell Us Magazine that Janet was in no way pregnant. As many of you know Janet has been pregnant for about 20 years now (lol) and has yet to give birth. My personal opinion: Janet is 42 years old and so not about to become a mother. No one who wants children waits until they are in their 40s. Plus, Janet has made it well known that she intends to tour overseas. People just need to face the fact that not every woman wants children and that if Janet had wanted them she would have more than likely had them years ago.


  1. Well some women do wait that long, but I agree I don’t think Janet wants kids. I also agree that despite what “society” thinks EVERY woman is not meant to be a mother & EVERY person is not meant to be married. Some ppl seriously don’t need to be parents & others are better off alone. I have always felt this way & I have found myself plenty of days defending my beliefs. True to societal ideas someone tries to read me the riot act… but of course it goes in one ear & out the other.

    I honestly don’t think that Janet would be a good mother. She still has a child like mind herself @ times. Janet herself has said that she wouldn’t be a good mother. The Jackson kids, especially the megastars Janet & Michael were seriously messed up by daddy Joe. I believe this is why u see the over extreme & strange shyness of the 2. Michael really didn’t need those kids he has either. Hence we see his children always walking around w/ mask on & stuff. I wonder what he is gonna do when those kids hit their teen yrs? Still make them wear masks.. smh? My point is ppl that have that much hurt or confusion going on do not need to bring another life in the world & pass their issues on to the innocent. A person needs to be “right” before having kids. If you never get “right” just be a good auntie or godmother. That being said, I don’t think Janet is preggors, but if she is good luck & GOD be w/ her & those children.

  2. well if she wants kids, then i hope this is true. i honestly couldn’t see myself waiting til i’m in my 40s to have my first child. besides, don’t they always say that waiting so long to have a baby can cause some problems for the child? i always wondered why that is though. do you think it’s our genetic makeup or it’s the man’s sperm? i guess it has to be us (women) cause men in their 70s can have some healthy babies with 20yr olds. anyway, good luck to janet

  3. If she is then I am happy for her. If not then, well, it’s her life, if she doesn’t want kids, that’s her choice and her life. But I kinda wanna see her pregnant though.

  4. @ Blame it on the rain, Since you know Janet Jackson so well can you tell me why she canceled some dates on the US leg of the tour? What was she trying to prove during the Super bowl? How many celebrity men have she slept with? Is it true her and Beyonce was suppose to do a duet together but Daddy Knowles said no, because he felt like Janet Jackson was the biggest star at the time? When is she going back in the studio? Is it true that JD has a big _ _ _ _?lol. If you can’t answer any of these questions how do you know Janet won’t be a good mother!!!!

  5. Janet really dont need kids. Dont she already got a 22 year old some where?? Smfh

  6. It’s amazing people think Janet could have survived in this world and accomplished all she has with a so called “child like” mind. Oh how easily we believe what the media tells us about our people.

  7. I’ll believe it when I see.

    O/T: I received my Obama special issue of Essence today. They sent me the Barack cover…I wanted Michelle!

  8. I hope I get the Michelle cover! I didn’t get the cover I wanted when they did the 25 Cool brothers earlier! :lol2:

    Anyway, congrats if it’s true! This would make her 2nd right???

  9. ^ @ Candace:

    :thumbsdown: No,it’s another random rumor from a tabloid,so it’s not true and Janet doesn’t have kids. 😆 That too,was a rumour that Janet denied.

  10. If I’m not mistaken, Janet had a child from James DeBarge and that child is now grown. The same thing for Oprah; she has a child who is now grown.

  11. @Andre le Dale

    My My My why must ppl always make a huge spectacle on this site when it comes to these celebs?? Janet herself has said in one of her past interviews that feels that she would not be a great mother. As for all your ramblings I never said that I knew all that, but you being the smart mouth that you are felt the need to put it out there. I am simply going on MY opinion & what I see & feel. I have a right to it just like anyone else. Just like many of you have to the right to what you say & feel. If you don’t agree build a bridge & get over it.

  12. Maybe if some people waited a little longer to have children this world would be a better place.

    Some of these children and theire young mamas and dadas are off the hook!

  13. @Dana:

    I agree with you; we are so easily sucked in by the media. We have a mind of our own and we should try using it sometimes; examine the source/story, and then make a rational judgment, on your own independently. The media tells so many lies, especially when it comes to The Jacksons. To hear them tell it, Michael is living on welfare…. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: 😆 😆 😆 Guess they`ve seen his financial statements…

    MJ & The Golden 80s forever!!!

  14. I don’t beleive the source
    however we all wish Janet to have kids

  15. If she is pregnant, congrats to Miss Janet. If not, errr, good luck when you DO decide to birf babies :brownsista:

  16. It’s a 50/50 chance, b/c with all the tour cancellations it may actually be true. Stephanie I don’t agree with you 100% b/c some women who want children don’t get the opportunity right away, and others put their careers/dreams first etc. So she may want children, I think she said she did. Whatever the case, if true, I wish her a healthy baby.

  17. Uh, the trend these days is women waiting to become mothers at 40 something. You stand corrected blog writer.

  18. 🙄 HEY..i think janet does have a daughter with James Debarge..she is 21 years old and her name is Renee…but she chose to keep her out of the spot light…and had Rebe raise her..

  19. She probably looks like Janet because she is her niece- Jackie’s daughter. MTO is not a reliable source for anything. I thought ppl knew that by now.

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