‘Life with La Toya’ Debuts Strong

Oprah Winfrey’s ‘OWN’ channel appears to have another hit on its hands. The struggling network isn’t struggling quite as much these days thanks to its newest shows ‘Iyanla Fix My Life’ and ‘Life with La Toya.’

According to TV by the Numbers, 1.8 million people tuned in for the season 2 premiere of Fix My Life, while 1.5 million people tuned in for the premiere of La Toya Jackson’s first foray into reality TV, ‘Life with La Toya.’

Looking to keep the momentum going for this week’s episode, La Toya, hit up ExtraTV to chat with host Mario Lopez about what fans can expect next.

Check out pics below.

And if you missed last week’s episode, check OWN for repeats that are sure to air throughout the week.

You can also check out this clip which features La Toya’s best friend Kathy Hilton (Paris’ mama).


  1. i watched, i thought it was good to see not only her but her mother just as normal everyday people.

    theres alot people dont know about Latoya and the majority of cookiness comes from past abuse.

  2. Ms. K Jackson told LaToya to stop laughing like that I nearly died. I bet she be working her momma’s nerves with LaToya-isms. So far the show has my attention

  3. I agree, I’m glad it’s working for her! I saw her on an episode of The Apprentice, she’s very smart! Life goes on and it’s good to see OWN survive!

  4. Latoya is too cute. She reminds me of a little pixie. She’s like the pixie that goes by and sprinkle pixie dust on unexpecting people, and start laughing.I love her. She’s so adorable, and a class act. I wouldn’t be surprised if MJ thought of her as tinkerbell, because that’s what her nickname should be.

    But, seriously, Latoya is highly intelligent and sophisticated. Got to love that. She rocked on Celebrity Apprentice. I live for her interactions with Dennis Rodman.

  5. I’m sorry but she’s like a child in a woman’s body. Hopefully that’s just for ratings.

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