‘Life with La Toya’ Preview


Remember when we told you La Toya Jackson was getting her own OWN reality series? Well, with the show set to debut in a couple of weeks, the network has put together a preview of what the public can expect.

At 56 years of age, LaToya is reportedly on her own for the first time and ready to start calling the shots in her own life. OWN has confirmed that both La Toya’s parents, Katherine and Joseph Jackson, will make appearances, as will La Toya’s best friend, Kathy Hilton, mother to Paris and Nicky Hilton.

‘Life with La Toya’ makes its debut via OWN on April 13th at 10PM/EST.


  1. such a pretentious attempt at ‘taking a stand for something is the target audience?

    i don’t dislike her, i have no opinion.

  2. woops.
    i meant
    such a pretentious attempt at ‘taking a stand for something’

    who is the target audience?

  3. i am not surprised Sista that at her age she is just getting her life together some people who grow up in the spotlight have to follow handlers and others who want to present an image to the public that put them in a good light so they can sell them to the audience they are targeting. so hopefully this is true but again trying to regain her life in the public eye once again, doubt if she is in control of anything and able to put her life together.

  4. I think Oprah is just trying to target black folks seeing as how her only hit shows involve black faces. I don’t know if La Toya is the right person to try to do that with though. Either way, I’ll be tuning in hoping to get a glimpse of Janet.

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