Life Without Black People

Lewis Lattimer

Before Black History Month come to an end, I felt the need to put out a partial list of Black inventors and creators. So the next time you hear negative comments about Black people being dumb, not creators or not being scientific, but feel powerless to respond or do anything, because you’re not sure yourself if Blacks contributed anything to civilization, JUST REMEMBER THAT THE UNITED STATES WOULD BE A BARREN AND UNCIVILIZED LAND IF IT WEREN’T FOR:

  • Alexander Mils who invented the first elevator.
    • Richard Spikes invented the automatic gearshift for cars
    • Joseph Gambol invented the Super Charge System for Internal Combustion Engines.
    • Garrett A. Morgan invented the traffic signals
    • Albert R. Robinson invented the electric trolley
    • Charles Brooks invented the street sweeper.
    • John Love invented the pencil sharpener.
    • William Purveys invented the fountain pen
    • Lee Barrage invented the Type Writing Machine
    • W. A. Love invented the Advanced Printing Press
    • William Barry invented the Postmarking and Canceling Machine
    • William Purveys invented the Hand Stamp
    • Philip Downing invented the Letter Drop
    • Joseph Smith invented the Lawn Sprinkler
    • John Burr invented the Lawn Mower
    • Frederick Jones invented the air conditioner
    • Alice Parker invented the heating furnace
    • Lewis Lattimer invented the electric lamp (the filament within the light bulb)
    • Michael Harvey invented the lantern & Granville T. Woods the cut-off switch
    • Thomas W. Steward invented the mop & Lloyd P. Ray the dust pan
    • Walter Sammons invented the comb
    • Sarah Boone invented the ironing board
    • George T. Samon invented the clothes dryer
    • John Standard invented the refrigerator
    • Charles Drew invented the world’s first blood bank
    • Dr. Daniel Hale Williams performed the first open-heart surgery
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    A.G. Thornton is a writer an author of FAMILY, FRIENDS, HUSBANDS and LOVERS… THE BEST OF ENEMIES


    1. Thank you! Black people are beautiful people with great talents and intelligence that can not be denied. We can not afford to walk around with the ignorance that other races have. That is our advantage.

    2. I was very happy to see this list. And I always knew that black people contributed a lot to society but their ideas were stolen thanks for posting. I saved it and will share it with everyone.

    3. We “Black People” are a proud and amazing people from an amazing line of human beings. We have accomplished so much in North America, Europe, the Caribbean, South America and Africa..

      Why some black folk choose to act like intellectually starving individuals is beyond me. The bleaching of skin phenomenon makes me sick, the use of the N word, the lack of respect for our ancestors and women, etc..

      We should never be each others detriment, others do that for us.

      Sista, thanks for posting I only wish they taught this in schools year around.. Knowledge is power!

    4. I totally agree 110% with Kim. In today’s society young black children are being taught that it’s ok to use the N word because ohh the young black male artists use it what’s wrong with that. I believe are children should be taught and educated knowledge is power and to respect one another as individuals.

    5. I know in my social circle there isn’t anyone that use the n word. Maybe back in the 90’s growing up but now the only time I hear that word is in music. My classmates asked why we use it and I told them honestly I don’t hear it much and that Black people are not using that word as much as you think. A lot of us find it disgusting particularly black women. Hopefully we are teaching our sons and daughters that it is wrong.

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