Lil Kim Covers Kontrol Magazine

With a new face, new body and new record label, rapper Lil Kim is once again looking to take the music world by storm. The pint size femcee is reportedly set to drop a new single next month and she is ready to hit the promotional trail. First up is a cover shoot for Kontrol magazine. The issue will become available online next week and you can bet Kim will have lots to say.


  1. Wow she has really transformed herself. Her face doesn’t look nice.

    But I do like the outfit or suit.

  2. her face looks like someone who is mad and holding back that crack in their voice before they start crying.
    (i like to use my imagination, what? haha)

    i’m not gonna say anything mean about her face and whatnot but is it too much to ask for a natural hairline?
    just asking.

  3. @PRAY FOR DAY CHILDREN your right she should show us her hairline….I remembered when she got of prison her hair touched her shoulders. …. NEW FACE, NEW HAIR, NU BODY HUHHHH LMAO!!!!!!!!

  4. Kim actually looks good on the cover, but what i really like is that she’s one of the very few rappers or singers for that matter who don’t have tats going all throughout her body.

  5. @blaqvixenbeauty I see it

    Well, I’m going to need Kim to pick a face soon and stick with it. I do not like the cover, don’t understand why she chose to use this facial expression, as opposed to ANYTHING ELSE and the outfit is too superhero like, all she is missing is a cape.


  6. wow I didn’t recognize her..but she is definitely looking good. I use to cringe when I saw pics of her with that flour powder foundation on.

    Can’t wait for the queen to shut it down!

  7. She looks like Ru Paul. She was very nice looking with HER FACE and HER BODYon HARD CORE…that was when she look naturally appealing.

    Something happened and I am not sure what but I just imagine if I even considered putting myself through all of the surgery—WHY would I? Would I? (NOPE) and for what reason. I just feel sad because it seems that she is lost in her own world. I wonder if her crew tells her she looks okay? I WOULD NOT want those kinda chicka around cause they obviously are NOT keeping it 100 with her.

    I don’t want *ick tonight……..that was my joint….lol….ahhh the good old days

  8. @ beef bacon
    i get a little scared when i start down that path myself (wondering if it’s the company they keep that traps them in their world or if it’s the person who will do anything to make a little world of their own.) it’s very saddening. i also start to say hey i don’t know these people so should i care? i can’t help it though. that’s just me. i wonder if she was so broken as she said and that ex boyfriends and people of the like belittled and battered her why couldn’t a true friend or family member see she was broken and needed help. not quick fixes but true help for her soul(mmhmm i’m semi-deep with it) so that she would know she’s more than what these bad people around her are telling her.

    it’s not just her that i wonder about but we won’t know for sure what it is. at least not for everyone.

  9. @ Pray For the Children

    Yeah, its the social worker/psychologist in me that keeps me curious as to WHY stuff happens.

    I just get concerned when I see things such as this, I often wonder about motivation. Why do this? If she was doing it because she was already happy with herself and she just thought a few changes would enhance that, OR is she doing this because she hates the person she sees when she looks in the mirror. She looks NOTHING like herself. I dunno. I guess. I just want to know in case my daughter start going through something like this I know what to do….I feel sad for her.

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