Lil Kim Hosts CUN Gala

Lil Kim With all the Oscar hoopla that has been going on for the past week it was pretty easy to forget that so many other things were going on in Hollywood as well.One other major event that took place over the weekend was the Children Uniting Nations Gala (CUN) hosted by Lil Kim.The event raises awareness and funds that go towards supporting the mentoring program that has helped shape the lives of thousands of foster children.

The celebration kicked off on Friday, Feb 23 with raptress Lil Kim and CUN founder Daphna Ziman hosting a private press conference and luncheon to announce the list of 2007 honorees for the “Inspiring Our Childrem to Dream Awards,” which was presented at the CUN viewing celebration last night. The press conference offered an exlusive chance to sit down with this year’s event host, Lil’ Kim, and CUN Founder Daphna Ziman, as they discuss a newly formed partnership to help save our nation’s most at risk children.
Lil KimLil Kim & Daphna ZimanLil Kim
The weekend festivties continued on Sunday when Billboard, along with CUN and Lil’ Kim hosted the 8th Annual Academy Awards Viewing Dinner. The black tie event took place at The Music Box and included a formal dinner, dancing, musical performances and a phenomenal silent and live auction. During the dinner, CUN also presented special awards to a select few who have changed the lives of children in the past year. All proceeds from the event will support CUN’s cause of helping foster children succeed against the odds.
Lil KimLil KimLil Kim & Tommy Davidson

About Children Uniting Nations

Children Uniting Nations has the largest and most far-reaching mentoring program for Los Angeles foster children. Their Oscar night celebration serves as the primary media awareness and fundraising even for the program. CUN has made tremendous strides by encouring legislation to improve foster care and adoption laws; introducting legislation to forgive student loans in exchange for mentoring, and expaning their mentoring training. The CUN mentoring program is proving to bring down teen drug use and pregnancy in foster childre, to improve self-esteem and to significantly increase the number of foster childrenn who complete high school and college. Many well known actors and performers are involved with CUN and serve as Goodwill Ambassadors for the cause. The list includes Chaka Khan, Wilmer Valderamma, Tracey Edmonds, Lil’ Kim, Stephen Dorff among many others.

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  1. It’s nice to see Kim getting involved with positive things these days.

  2. Kim is the victim of a society that doesn’t appreciate the beauty of Black women and she fell victim to that world and what we see now is the result of that.

    Everytime we as a people make “you so dark” or “your hair is so nappy” jokes, we help create the next generation of Lil Kims.

  3. Add drugs, deviant sexual behavior and lack of parental guidance – and you have Lil Kim šŸ˜„

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  6. I am happy to see Lil Kim doing something positive for a change. Now if she can only rap about something positive, instead of that non-sense she rapped about in the past. Hopefully she will continue to do positive things with her life. Her next move is to reduce her boob size back to normal. And stop wearing so much makeup and try to wear a normal type of hairdo. She was a bueatiful young lady when she first became popular. But unfortuantely look at her now. :stop:

  7. I’m suprised she hasn’t been doing alot of giving back considering she just got out of jail. I want a Kim album. She should title it “Can you Hear Me Now” For the haters, lol.

  8. :lol2:I’m suprised she hasn’t been doing alot of giving back considering she just got out of jail. I want a Kim album. She should title it “Can you Hear Me Now” For the haters, lol.

  9. damn she looks good , real classy ,and her face starting to look good , every on her is good exept , part of her lip:smile:

  10. she really looks good , and she really doing positive thing , looks like she lost some pounds too . shes been looking good since that baby phat show in early feb , since she be looking like the bitch we all know and love:iagree:

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