Lil Kim Lands a New Gig

Hip-Hip icon Lil Kim has is set to join producer Rockwilder and director Little X as judges on the upcoming talent competition ‘America’s Next Top Rapper.’

The show is presently looking for talent and will be holding auditions in Boston, Oakland, Houston Detroit and several other cities.

The winner will receive $100,000 in cash and prizes, which include a distribution deal with Universal Records, a professional video shoot directed by Little X, a single produced by Rockwilder and a feature with Lil Kim.

The competition is $200 to enter and is reportedly a joint venture between Omnipresent Media and Media Monopoly Group.



  1. Really? The wackness is spreading like the plague. Whoever heard of one of these competitions costing money to enter. Besides that I think this is a wack idea.

  2. I will not be watching it. It sounds low budget.What is the 200 dollars really for, to help fund the show or what?

  3. The two people above my comment are obviously fans of hat other chick.. But thanks for clicking on Kim’s link & leaving comments.. But This is a great move for hip hop I will definitely be tuning in… FUCK THE HATERS

  4. @Emillio
    Hush yourself, person. I been down with Lil Kim. I couldn’t care less about any of these new music scene folks. If only I could describe how I just don’t see their worth. I just don’t see the point of this show. Just because I was down with Kim doesn’t mean i’ll follow her blindly. This is the reason why there is a break down in hip hop. There damn near isn’t a thing such as hip hop anymore. Pop-rap is what it’s called. And if you didn’t know there is a huge difference between rap and hip hop. I long for the days when talent meant something and getting discovered happened by chance…not by the end of a tv season. This show seems lame. Having an opinion does not make someone a hater. Matter of fact I can’t stand that word. People grossly don’t understand the definition of hate and therefore the meaning of hater is misunderstood. I will NOT sit here and explain this to you. I’m a human, therefore I will have an opinion, like it or leave me alone.

  5. I’m actually excited about it! I mean we have all these other shows like American Idol, X Factor, and America’s got talent. It’s about time we had a show for hip hop. And this will be a great look for Kim when she decides to put out an album. And as for the $200 fee I’m sure they put that there to weed out all the serious rappers with talent vs. the people that just wanna come on t.v. and act a fool and waste everyones time.

  6. if you’ve seen one of these shows, you have seen them all. Best of luck to Kim though, she could use an extra pay check these days…hell we all could.

  7. Wow, really, another competitive show??? We really need an authentic African American Drama or comedy that will focus on an African American family and education. For thoes of you who don’t remember, college enrollment hit high numbers when Different World came on T.V.
    But that is just my opinion….
    However, I wish Lil Kim the best of luck with her new venture.

  8. No Lil Kim dont do it!!! When this thing flops your name will be attached to it (and it will this aint the 90’s black folks dont watch shit just because its people on, folks are not that loyal anymore). Plus the prize is 100,000 in cash & “prizes”???? NO way this sounds lame as hell worst then Making the Band

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