Lil Kim is Back

Along with the words “I’m Coming,” rap icon Lil Kim released the image you see to your left via her Twitter page on Christmas day.

Stylin’ on a chaise lounge, wearing a black leotard from The Blonds 2012 Playboy Collection and furry Christian Louboutin slingbacks, Kimmy strikes a pose she hopes will resonate with her fan base that still looks to her to create trends.

Kim is looking for build up buzz for the release of her new five track LP, scheduled to be released sometime during the early part of 2012.

According to Kim, who turns 37 in the coming year, she has been in the studio with producers Timbaland, Wyclef Jean and Rockwilder.

When asked via Twitter what fans can expect from her new record, Kim simply responded “The Truth.”

I look forward to hearing it.


  1. I hope she brings that fiyah!! She’s also working with Bangladesh, his beats are insane!!Lets get it Kim

  2. I love Kim’s voice, so anything she spits will sound good to me…her voice is so distinctive…something that’s no longer the case with today’s newer rappers. It’s more about popularity and personality!

    People have laughed at Kim, but nothing beats a failure but a try! Here and overseas she can still book shows and make a lucrative living, work in reality tv and produce so with this cushion, I hope she does bring forth some great music and her fans support her!

  3. I like the old Lil Kim..up until 2003,after that not so much. Especially that crazy song she made “Download”. The song stuck in my head and the entire time..I was like get it out…get it out…

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