Lil Kim Throws A Killer Party

A bar worker at a popular Times Squares karaoke club was arrested Thursday after confessing to beating a woman to death with a pipe on the club’s roof during an argument, police said. Syed Rahman, 24, admitted he smashed Ingrid Rivera over the head at about 2:45 a.m. Monday during a birthday party for rapper Lil’ Kim that the victim had paid to attend, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said at a news conference. Her body was discovered Wednesday afternoon. It was unclear what Rahman and Rivera, who had met for the first time inside Spotlight Live club that night, were arguing about. But a friend of Rivera pointed police to Rahman by telling them she had fought off his sexual advances on the roof shortly before the slaying, Kelly said.

Charges against Rahman — who had worked at the club for four years and had no criminal record — were pending. Authorities did not have the name of his lawyer. The medical examiner ruled the death a homicide Thursday after an autopsy found that the 24-year-old Rivera died from a blow to the head.
Police said Rivera was a Lil’ Kim fan who arrived at the party around 9:30 p.m. with a bouquet she had hoped to give to the rapper. During the evening, she and her friend spoke with Rahman while drinking at the bar. At one point, Rivera was kicked out the club for accidentally entering the men’s rest room, police said. Rivera’s friend said that around the same time, Rahman lured her to the roof by claiming Rivera was there. When the friend rebuffed the suspect, he located the victim outside and “told her could get her back in,” Kelly said.

He took Rivera in through the employee entrance, then up to the roof in a service elevator, police said. Once there, he beat her inside a utility shed, killing her instantly, police said. Police said that after Rivera’s mother reported her missing Tuesday, officers went to the club Wednesday to review security videotape. Sometime after they left, a repairman discovered her body. A distraught Ingrid Estrada said Rivera, a customer service agent at John F. Kennedy International Airport for British Airways, was her only daughter whom she had raised as a single mother. She described her as “my life, my happiness.”

The club issued a statement expressing its condolences to the family of the victim.

“We are shocked by this terrible tragedy and our hearts go out to Ingrid Rivera’s family and friends. We are grateful to the New York Police Department for arresting a suspect in this crime. We continue to cooperate with police and answer any questions they may have,” the club said.

Lil’ Kim’s spokesman, Ronn Torossian, said in an e-mailed statement that Wednesday night was “the first (she) has heard of this matter.” It’s also unclear whether other celebrities were at the club at the time of the killing.



  1. We live in a crazy world…my heart and prayers go out to the Rivera family

  2. What is wrong with some people now adays… That is so sad…

  3. This is very sad and scary. Can’t even go out and have a good time. That’s why when I go out I try to stick close to the people I came with…cause folks have gone mad!!

  4. That is mess up when me and my girls go out we stick together. Where was her friend at after the party like something is crazy about that. If that was really a friend she should been checking up and down the club looking for her. The only way we split up if we know who we leaving with. I know lil kim is like what the hell.

  5. I read that the young lady was intoxicated and the guy lured her to the roof top to obviously try and take advantage of her sexually…This is why it’s not smart for young ladies to get drunk or even slightly intoxicated at a club or bar especially if you’re alone and not with a friend or a group, and if you are with a friend you should watch each others back..It’s really sad that you have men out here who are basically like animals hunting prey, just sitting back waiting for an opportunity to take advantage of some vunerable woman for sexual gain, sick!..And what’s really scary is this man had NO criminal record prior to this incident, what in God’s name would possess this young man to want to rape someone and throw his life away?

  6. This is so sad. There are sick, angry and hurting people out there. God help us please…for the sake of our ancestors and the children who are our future.

  7. crazy as hell. i mean there is no way all that was necessary, she didn’t want u, get over it. what the hell snapped in this man’s head? somebody with no criminal record just hauls off and kills somebody because she didn’t want to give him her number?? what in the hell is the world coming to?

  8. God please bless her family and friends throughout this ordeal. On another note, just because the guy doesn’t have a criminal record, doesn’t mean he hasn’t engaged in criminalistic acts before. Maybe this is the first time he got caught.

  9. This is a messed up society with a lot of lunatics. Some people`s behaviour is comparable to that of a “rabbid” dog and that`s scary. Here you have this fool taking the life of a woman simply because she wasn`t open to his sexual advances; talk about shallow. My question is, why would any man resort to violence or force if a woman refused? Myself, I wouldn`t want it that way. If she doesn`t want to be with me freely and of sound mind, sober, I will just move on. Having to resort to getting a woman intoxicated to hopefully take advantage of her on the spot is pretty low for a SO CALLED man. This is a damn shame because the prisons are already flooded with brothas.

    The prison system is a multi billion dollar industry that feeds off the labor of young brothas. Yet they seem more than willing to give “massa” free labor. However, I don`t feel an ounce of sympathy for this brotha because he made a conscious decision. First of all, a man should never resort to violence pertaining to a woman. That is something that I`ll never condone. This is just another sad case of black on black crime. Needless to say he`ll have a long time to think about his senseless crime and it`s well deserved…

    MJ and The 80s forever!!!

  10. “Lil Kim Throws A Killer Party”

    SMH @ that title! I know it’s not funny but I had to laugh at that title.

    RIP to the victim and I hope the cops lock this guy up and thro away the key!


    Just another brotha in the already over crowded prison system over flowing with black men..But I would think this man had to be sick to just do something like that out of the blue normal men don’t behave that way, and besides what woman wants to have sex on the roof top of a club, real romantic..I guarantee this guy has some psychological problems or a low I.Q. at the very least.

  12. That is just a sad situation. Ladies this is why whenever we are out & about, we MUST watch oursleves. I was told long time ago by an uncle, when your out EVEN w/ friends to watch your drinks & if you leave throw it away & get a new one. We live in dangerous times & ppl who u MAY think are there for you may really not be. This is why when your on the night out on the town keep your drinkin down just a bit, so that u can keep your wits about you & your surroundings. Now that I think about it this statement doesn’t just go towards women, but to men too. Nowadays ppl don’t care what sex you are, they will hurt you if they can.

  13. @blameitontherain yes i agree. My mother taught me to protect my drinks. She seen this happen to this girl she went to school with that was like in the 70’s. She told me the girl was pretty they put something in her drink was not the same ever since. My mother think they was trying to get some of just envy of her. Knowing this guy he probably put something in her drink. They said he was a bartender. He probably do this to women that do come to that club. This woman probably fought him off and he whine up killing her.

  14. my sympathies go out to the family.. But on the real this guy had to be really fiending for this one woman in particular to go to the extremes to even kill her. I’m just wondering with a highly profiled celebrity as lil kim and some of the guests that appear in the photo im sure security was on lock. Im not saying its their fault,but ive been to parties were celebrities are and its eery that none or anyone in fact saw this incident when it first steamed. It seems as though the only person that payed any attention was her apparently “intoxicated friend”. Who should have gotten help for her friend when the guy continued to make advances on her. All of this could have been avoided it is just sad that women still are being taken advantage of in the 21st century.

  15. @lady

    That is so true. That very uncle who gave me that advice named a few of his buddies that this happened to back in the day. It seems that ppl were envious too of what the guy had. It’s sad that ppl feel the need to do these things, but as I said we are living in dangerous times… smh.

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