LiL Kim To Release Indie Album “Ms G.O.A.T”

Rapper Lil Kim recently parted ways with her long time record label, Atlanta Records, and is now gearing up to release her first independent album, Ms G.O.A.T, this Tuesday, June 3rd. Kim parted ways with her record label earlier this year saying she wanted creative control and that is apparently what she got. Her new CD features collaborations with the usual suspects, 50 Cent, Missy Elliott, Keyshia Cole, and of all people, fallen pop princess Britney Spears. Respirator, a leaked track from the new CD, is presently making it’s way across the net but in my opinion is not the type of the song that will get Lil Kim’s musical career back on track and to my knowledge is not even officially considered the first single. How do you release a new album with no official single or video? Oh well, Kim always has a potential acting career and boot line to fall back on.


  1. The age of the female rapper is long gone. Poor Eve didn’t even have her record released. Rap has become to hateful and misogynistic to ever allow women to be anything but whores. RIP to Kim’s career. I never liked her music or message anyway.

  2. Lil Kim is a beautiful woman who allowed herself to be pimped into rapping and acting like a whore even though she may not be. The music industry is so fickle that it is difficult to be a mainstay. Kim needs deliverance so she can start fresh and new.

  3. I really don`t think the rap game is for female artists anyway. Not to sound like a male chauvinist, but what I mean by that is that it`s very aggressive and in a lot of ways very violent. In fact a lot of it glorifies violence. I just think it`s unlady like imo. Maybe Kim can be successful in some other venue because I agree that the age of female mc`s has become extinct. On a whole I`d like to see it all fade into obscurity; I wouldn`t shed a SINGLE tear. Goodbye and good night….

  4. This is where Queen Latifah is miles ahead of Lil Kim and Eve. When she sensed that the days of lady rappers and lady MC’s were numbered, she went into movies, now does some singing (She sings pretty good, by the way ), and she is now the official spokesperson for Jenny Craig. Those were some very good career moves on her part.

  5. It’s not a question of whether or not the rap game is for females..plenty of women have already proved that we can hold our own. However, music is just not selling these days the way it used to. I have said this before–no one (male or female) is really going platunum these days. It is simply hard for most people to sell records with technology and downloading the way it is today. I also think that the message in the music is really tired. There is no originality and no substance whatsoever. I really don’t want to hear the same lyrics from Kim that I listened to ten years ago when I was in high school beacuse you know she is still talking about the same things. It is time to move on Kim and diversify yourself. Get a book deal or something..she can do exactly what Karrine Steffans did with Video Vixen. I’d buy it.

  6. please don’t mention queen latifah and those jenny craig commercials, ridiculous.

  7. Kim has to do what she KNOWS BEST in order to survive… I hope it’s a success for her!

  8. Downloading, P2P softwares, people are selfish and don’t support artists…….record labels pointed fingers to everyone but themselves.

    Here’s the truth : we – the public- aren’t as stupid as THEY thinks we are. What is the real problem? MUSIC FUCKING SUCKS! Usher had no problem selling 10 million records with Confessions, Alicia did the same with her DEBUT album, sold over 8 million with her sophomore, and look at how fast she’s selling with this new one. And it’s funny cause when Britney came out and sold, dozens of mini-Britney were created, now Alicia sells without using her goodies to do so, but the industry DID NOT follow and kept creating singing sluts, which lets me further know that they WANT TO KEEP IT THAT WAY when we clearly showed what we wanted with AK sales but see, the public may dance to the crap being put out there but in general we ain’t buying it! There’s only one sex-selling female singer that sells and thats becos her level is so above all the others you can’t deny her talent. BUT BLAME THE LACK OF SALES ON THE LACK OF QUALITY, I’m sure if labels start really putting efforts into quality like they used to and promote massively QUALITY artists people will support music. How can you explain Cassie ain’t selling jack when she’s heavily promoted (and Puffy keeps shoving her down our throats like its gonna change something), while Anthony Hamilton isn’t seen anywhere but is PLATINUM? Don’t let the 50 cent thing fool you, “gangsta rap” ain’t selling SHEIT,. He was a media created monster who didn’t blind the public for long, G-Unit is falling apart, right? People WANT quality, it’s that simple, the music industry is hard-headed but soon they’ll have no choice but to change their minds if they want our money, cause their situation is getting really ugly.

  9. @Lola:

    PREACH ON, PREACH ON, PREACH TO THE CHOIR!!!!! Sorry for the caps lock but that`s what good preaching does to me…I hear you loud and clear. AK and Usher doesn`t seem to have trouble selling. It`s prove that good music does sell. However, as Lola alluded to, the record companies continue to push this garbage down our throats even do we aren`t buying it. Talk about cutting your nose off to spite your face…I say to hell with the record companies because I wouldn`t buy any of this trash with someone else`s money…Thye need to get their act together and come correct…

    Also as I see it now Usher`s CD is the only one I`m going to buy (new music that is) for the rest of the year…There just isn`t anything being put out now that worth buying, and that`s the bottom line..

    “We`ve Had Enough” by MJ

    In the middle of a village
    Way in the distant land
    Lies a poor boy with his broken toy
    Too young to understand

    He`s awaken, ground is shaking
    His father grabs his hand
    Screaming crying, his wife`s dying
    Now he`s left to explain

    He innocently questioned why
    Why his mother had to die
    What did these soldiers come here for
    If they`re for peace why is there war?

    We`re fed up
    We`ve already had enough

  10. you know….lil kim has changed. drastically. her style and personality isn’t the same. what is she gonna rap about now? she’s not the same little kim from even two years ago. and what the hell is britney freaking doing on her album……i could smack talk for days on that one but i’ll move on.

    female rap is disappearing…….mainstream female rap at least. there are pretty good female rappers out there….not alot but a few good ones. but mainstream female artists aren’t selling like they used to because well times have changed and the internet kills record sales. also they change up their image so much that they don’t have anything of substance to rap about anymore. i mean ya’ll remember what eve used to be like……i mean damn let’s roll time back to three or five years ago…..eve was the pitbull in a skirt. could rap her azz off and no one would have a problem. but she’s all glam and whatnot now…..she’s reduced to rapping about “tambourine” and craptastic songs of the like. same thing with lil kim. also the other problem is is that some female emcees think they are untouchable or expect to get whatever they want…….look at foxy brown…look at remy martin. people sitting around trying too damn hard to be gangsta and end up getting locked up for years at a time. i don’t know about you but i ain’t going to jail for some street cred. forget that.

    it’ hurts my heart to see the artists i used to like listening to in the 90’s just disappear one by one or switch up their style to please these idiotic consumers who like snap songs and party songs that don’t make sense. where’s the rapper who’s just a observer who could tell a story…….now the only story i hear is “yahhh trick yahh”. sad times. i don’t but new albums anymore. instead i rather discover the music i used to listen to. i recently purchased jesse powell’s first album. which is great. i love the guy’s voice. i’m just going in reverse with my taste. nothing out now captures my interest……(except for a few artists). the sad part is i’ve given up on the music industry and i love music. i used to dream of one day becoming a music producer, now i’m having doubts and i’m afraid i’ll end up doing something i hate for the rest of my life……but that’s a different story.

    my point is…..some artists bring themselves to their demise and you can’t just blame record companies thought they are like 80% responsible and you can’t blame technology………corrupt labels and downloading can’t hide the fact that an artist is wack.

    i’m out though. peace ya’ll.

  11. Ms. “diddy kong”, I know what ya mean. All we have are the Janet’s, the Mary J’s, the J-Hud’s, the Usher’s, a few others (very few!), after that things get pretty skimmpy. That’s why I’m still basically a 70’s guy. ” So just peck me lightly, baby, like a woodpecker with a headache. And when I tell ya to get up, stay there so I can introduce you to the nosiest computer I know ( Programed… Deprogramed… Reprogamed.)”.

  12. Lil Kim marketed her image as a super-confident, attractive, overtly sexual, indepenent woman. Although I’ve never liked her “music”, I could appreciate her confident image. Unfortunately, she destroyed that image when she began cutting her face off. It is a condradiction of her previous image. I think that it is hard for people to take her seriously now.

  13. Hi Nefertari. Your birthday is coming up in about a week? I won’t forget.

  14. Lil Kim always seemed oversexed and arrogant, but never confident etc. At least not to me….

  15. @Liyah

    Arrogance can be confidence gone awry. Sort of like Conceit is confidence on steroids.

    I agree that her lyrics left much to be desired. As I said earlier, I’ve never been a fan.

  16. @Smooth Thug

    Greetings Bro. Thank you for remembering. Yes, the same day as Ms. Janet’s tickets become available to the public. Thanks for the birthday wish. I hope that you and the Mrs. are well.

  17. @Diddy Kong

    I bought Foxy’s newest CD and surprisingly there is some very very good material on it. I say surprisingly because I am a Foxy fan and I loved her first CD (still pump it on a regular basis) but her next two Chyna Doll was a huge disappointment and her last CD was only marginally better. This new one is more of a mix-tape and lyrically–I’m almost convinced that Foxy is back.

    I hope she gets some decent radio play and promotion. In particular Song Cry and Why are good. She also has a collab with her old group-mate AZ that is really good. Unfortunately the majority of the album was put together while she was incarcerated so it does have a “pieced together” feel.

    Still, it contains some of her best efforts since her debut CD.

  18. lol pardon me, I was having a Jay Z moment…the single I’m referring to is STAR Cry not Song Cry.

  19. @Voice

    You know what would be awesome–if all of the female MC’s, Eve, Foxy, Lil Kim, etc. would put their heads and money together and form a powerful label where they could control their own music and message.

  20. @ Nefertari
    hi. it’s been a while (la domina). oh and yes i like foxy brown too. i heard that she was very displeased with the way the album came out i guess post-production and marketing wise and wants to rerelease it. i heard the material was pretty good. i just haven’t gotten the chance to listen to it yet. but since you gave it a good rating i will have to find it on imeem and listen to it…..if it’s good enough i just might buy it.

    man i don’t have much money so i have to choose wisely with album purchasing if you get what i mean.

    @ Smooth Thug
    “it’s boosty baby”
    haha. yeah 70’s music is great. but i have been stuck in the 80’s and 90’s lately because i was so into “centipede” and anita baker for a while…..i’ve kinda been listening to my jesse powell cd……i just love his voice man. anyway how are you doing man?

  21. @Diddy Kong

    I had no idea it was you lil Sis. How are things?

  22. @ Nef
    i’m all goody. i decided to change my name because…..well i felt it was about time….i think i might do it again. (diddy kong).

    i’m visiting new york. the fam is in the process of leaving right now.

    how are you?

  23. @ Nefertari: Was I talking to you??? Nah, I’m just joking 🙂 LOL LOL!! What up girl….I know what you saying!!

  24. Hey nefe what good. I see your B-day is coming make sure u let me know about them tickets ok.

  25. Hey Liyah

    Hey Lady, I will. I know she will be in NJ but there aren’t any NY dates yet. I don’t even think she is coming to Ohio. We will get it together.

    Mz. Juicy Juice AKA Diddy Kong AKA La Domina My mom was just in NY. I’m doing well. Enjoy your trip.

  26. Kim’s style has changed and not for the better. IMHO. I really don’t know what to expect from this new album, but we shall see.
    Lady emcee’s have changed and this is what has caused a problem. There were no variety amongst them. I personally got tired of seeing women dressed as women and promoting a gold diggers rule book. I think a lot of women became tired as well. And when you take the likes of black women who are out numbering black men in education, the cheerleaders for Lil Kim become even less than before.
    Lil Kim’s fans also took note at all the surgery she’s had done. It all seemed in the name of selling yourself to get to the man with the money. For those who use to admire her, we feel a different more positive change is necessary.
    It may just be time for Kim to become more of a business woman. She’s been in the business long enough to do like the rest and look into other money ventures. Besides the only woman I can think of that has lasted sooo long talking about how good their pu**y is is Millie Jackson. She’s the real sh!t talking Diva. LOL!!! I know younger people may have to look her up. But trust me. She’s that Diva all the way. Hands down!

  27. Ms. “Louisiana Momma”, one of my ambitions is to go to New Orleans on Thanksgiving weekend to hear the wonderful music down there, eat some of that wonderful spicey food, and go to the Grambling-Southern football game.

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