Lil Kim’s Birthday Bash

Lil Kim celebrated her 34th birthday last night by throwing herself a grand party at the Mansion Nightclub in Miami, Florida. Flanked by friends LisaRaye McCoy and fellow rapper, Trina, Kim walked the red carpet wearing a revealing black leather & mesh number that showed off every inch of the rap divas petite frame.

LisaRaye and Trina looked spiffy as well.


  1. happy b-day kimmy. Lisa raye & Trina look nice

  2. Kim actually looks nice. She’s a Cancer right? Goooooo Cancerians! 🙂
    Lisa Raye is beautiful as always.

    It’s something how Kim’s & Trina’s look is what’s naturally Lisa Raye’s look. I mean, I know Lisa raye wears weaves/wigs but her natural hair is long. Just a thought- hmmmm….

  3. trina and lisa raye look great… kim looks a lil’ better than….usual.

  4. Lisa Raye looks great. Lil’ Kim looks pretty good too.

    Trina: I wish fat black women would put on some damn clothes. She’s not all that to me. Her looks are so iffy. One minute shes just a HAM the next she’s a glam girl, and then she’s like this, just blah. Get it together girl.

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