LisaRaye McCoy-Misick Spotted Arriving At LAX

Actress and First Lady of the island of Turks & Caicos, Lisa Raye McCoy-Misick, was spotted arriving back in the US last night after a rather tumultuous trip to the island that ended with both her and her husband being arrested for assault. The actress, probably best known for her role as Diamond in Ice Cube’s 1998 movie The Player’s Club, and most recently the CW comedy, All Of Us, spoke to the press before leaving the small island and stated unequivocally her intended plans to come back and live in the place she has called home for the past few years. The First Lady also spoke of her desire to continue to play a role in helping the economy of the island which has seen a boost since the American actress started appearing in brochures and bringing in her Hollywood friends to invest (Will & Jada Pinkett Smith, Duane Martin & Tisha Campbell-Martin).


  1. For some reason, I always hear her name and think of that lady that played in “Sister, Sister”. But no, that’s not who she is.

  2. I’m getting a little tired of Lisa Raye and her divorce drama you’ve made the announcement please sign your divorce papers and move on..Lisa Raye also had a long time affair with basketball player Gary Payton while he was married so what goes around comes back around..I’m not a fan of Lisa Raye I’ve always felt she was more pretty than talented.

  3. Ummmm my opinion on this situation is varied. I feel as if she looks tired, upset and I also feel as if she needs to stay her ass in the united states. I kno she has grown accustomed to the lifestyle trust if i lived in turks & caicos i wouldnt wanna leave either.LOL. but i been hearing that that is a dangerous decision that i dont suggest she do. aint there women boycotting her a whatnot? not a good look. if the marriage is over then it’s over. move on with ur life, use it as motivation to get back to doing u. With all the drama i really dont wanna hear another celebrity obituarary we’ve had a bit too many of those lately.
    God bless

  4. This is my first time (and last) commenting on Lisa and her estranged relationship. I’ve always thought that Lisa Raye to be a bit shallow and one who pursue things/people based off of appearance or how she can benefit. Her whole divorce drama is nothing new because “average” people are going through it and they ain’t getting sh*t back from a failed marriage but a bunch of heartaches and pains. So, my words and thoughts for Ms. Raye is be grateful that you had the opportunity to live such a life with such a man (doing his better moments) and move on. Sometimes it’s not always your beauty or booty, but your duty to yourself to be “true” to yourself yourself.

    Good bye!!!


    Lisa better leave well enough alone before she comes up missing, this man is wealthy and powerful and you know how men like him deal with out of pocket women..I’d hate to see her end up off the coast in a trash bag with some bricks.

  6. I co-sign with ms_micia & Nesh Nesh. I guess Lisa has really become addicted to the lifestyle. However, all the luxury in the world isn`t worth your life (possibly). They “reportedly” have already had a physical altercation with her being arrested and both having to seek medical attention. Now, as a man, I don`t condone physical violence towards women and I never will. This just goes to show you that this can easily escalate into something much more serious. Lisa has to realize that she`s probably considered an outsider on that island. This man probably has connections that he wouldn`t hesitate to use if he feels threatened or harrassed.

    This is also proof that celebs aren`t any different than the rest of us. Like us, they are vulnerable individuals when it comes to adapting to a certain lifestyle/status. As the O` Jays sang in one of their songs, “everybody plays a fool sometimes/there`s no exception to the rule”. Lisa, however, should get her a** off that damn island for good. It`s just not worth it. She definitely appears shadow if she chooses to hang around and try to beg for a man`s attention when he clearly doesn`t want her. I always considered her to be a gorgeous, strong and intelligent sista. But so far her actions says otherwise.

    Fame, luxury and status is definitely a drug and you obviously can become very addicted like a drug addict. And like a drug addict it`s an addiction that can kill you.

    MJ & The 80s forever!!!

  7. @ Smooth Criminal that song is not by the O’Jay’s it’s by a group called The Main Ingredient…Cube Gooding’s dad was a part of that old school band…but I feel you!

  8. All I can say about this whole ghetto soap opera is… trouble trouble trouble. There are NO words to say about the situation b/c all one can do is lol @ the mess lmao. Oh boy… someone plz pass the popcorn lmao 🙂

  9. I’m so sorry she has to go thru this. I was hoping that this marriage would work out for the two of them but {after all the things I’ve been hearing about her past} maybe this was bound to happen? I wish her all the best though.

    I luv how she’s always in white and always looks neat and poised. Regardless of what ppl assume to know about her/ know for sure about her… she always appears poised and lady-like. Can’t be mad at that.

  10. Lisa Raye *sigh* – trying to save face when really you just wanted to be an armpiece and life a certain lifestyle.
    I think she believed her own hype and now she’s looking real foolish.
    Like I said before – that was not her house. That ain’t none of her shit…and the people of the island don’t even respect her.
    She need to just let it go. or she should have just let it go befure she went to the mansion acting a damn fool.
    Now – I am one for fighting the good fight…but she should have picked her battles and handled this one with a lil dignity.

    This should be a lesson for her. I’m actually glad the women over there spoke up. They made some good points especially about her lack of charity work. It’s sad to say, but Lisa just made a name for herself. No one is perfect and we all have our faults. This should show her that dating/marrying a man just because he is rich is not the answer to happiness. I’ve never heard of her doing anything while she was there really. She was always dressed in all white trying to be seen. Life isn’t a fairytale

  11. Do people not remember Lisa’s comments about not loving her husband and that “it” would eventually come in time? She married him to be First Lady of an island and now the man has turned out to be a perv rapist of some sort. As for that video above, it was so not genuine. She basically called out all his dirt and then threw in Jesus. She is angry and bitter and it shows 😆

  12. @ JBL I agree. Bitter will eat you up on the inside. She is a woman scorned and Hel l hath no fury. Hope she can get through this. What is the last acting project she was in? Maybe this is a blessing in disguise.

  13. I don’t even have the words to describe this craziness. I’ll just say that LisaRaye needs to stay in the US and move on. Close that chapter in your life and get your career back on track.

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