First Listen: Keyshia Cole’s New Single

Can’t wait until Keyshia Cole officially releases her new single “Enough of No Love” on July 3rd? Well, guess what? You don’t have to.

A one minute snippet of the hotly anticipated track appeared online last night and you can give it a listen below (Click here or here if the embed code no longer works).

So what do you think? Does Keyshia have another hit on her hands?



  1. The song is okay. It isn’t bad but it isn’t catchy either. It’s kind of just ho-hum.

  2. Its her voice..when she was younger people enjoyed her music now that she is older your fans are older….nowadays women want to hear women power music..Enough of No Love????? Adele Beyonce Monica Leave lil wayne off Rick Ross yes

  3. I thought that she was going to come better than that….the melody was nice but the refrain was ANNOYING.

  4. Awful and the cursing is such a turn off.

    I see she did decide to go back to that “niggas ain’t shit” music she talked about on Twitter. So sad.

  5. I cannot believe she is using her family on BET to sell this CD!! Negros!!

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