Listen To Samples Of Janet Jackson’s 20 Y.O Album

I have no words to describe just how good I think Janet’s album will be.I know a lot of people, including myself, were disappointed with the first single and video.I however think Janet made up for that with the magnificently sexy “So Excited” single and video.However, if there are doubters out there, those who think Janet’s best days are long gone, you will change your mind after listening to these samples.I think Jimmy, Terry and JD have once again given Janet an album worthy of her “Queen of Pop & R&B” status.Don’t believe me? Check’em out for yourself!

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  1. Do It To Me (i think that’s the name of it) is my ish.I heard that a few weeks and that’s been my thing every since.That song is a bonafide hit.


  2. I am doing everything I can to resist the temptation to listen to anymore samples of the album.I have heard about 3 or 4 but that’s it.I really wanna be surprised like I was the first time I listened to Damita actually has samples to all the songs but again, I must resist temptation. :stop:

  3. I can’t believe the album hasn’t leaked yet.I guess JD really does have a strong hold on this baby cause most folks albums leaked weeks in advance and here it is two weeks away from 20 yo’s release and I have barely heard any singles at all.Beside the first two released singles and Enjoy nothing else has come out.I don’t want snippets or samples I want the whole bag of goodies. πŸ˜€

  4. This is classic Janet.I was worried Jermaine’s sound would be the focus of this album but I am glad it is not.It still sounds like the work of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis to me.Except for Call On Me, that song is all Jermaine and Nelly.I’ll be picking this one up on Itunes.I really like it and the opening is tight. :thumbsup:

  5. I’m really feeling “So Excited,” it always amazes me how she manages to keep her own sexiness and her own originality, but still manages to keep up with whatever’s going on at the time, AND she’s gorgeous too, she hasn’t aged a bit…

    Feel free to check my blog too πŸ˜‰

  6. “WITH YOU” is the fall/winter smash! the Janet’s we belong together.

  7. I cannot stop playing :dance:”ENJOY”:banana: I think that she should’ve released that as the first single that would’ve been a nice summer smash hit to me πŸ™‚

  8. I listened to Enjoy for like 48 hours straight and then I had to stop.The song was literally addictive and I agree with you Eliazabeth, the song should have been the first release cause it definitely had that summer time feel to it.I can see Janet ending her oncerts every night with this song. :dance:

  9. Janet made interludes popular.No one did them before she did and now everyone does them.Janet’s interludes help make her albums so much fun to listen to.

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