Toni Braxton’s New Song is Here

Singer Toni Braxton surprised fans today, unveiling her new single “I Heart You” via Twitter. The dance beat heavy track was written and produced by Toni herself and will be featured on the singer’s upcoming seventh studio album, tentatively set for an early summer 2012 release.

Give the song a listen below and let us know what you think.


  1. U know what…..honestly.

    I was scared when Toni said she was going to start off with a dance track.

    BUT…. the song is pretty dope! Classic Toni with a twist. Toni’s voice is like butter…I could listen to her all day.

  2. There you go Toni write and produce your own stuff, keep your money girl!!!

  3. This is great! Go Toni. Her best since He Wasn’t Man Enough.

  4. Good job, Toni! Hopefully this will get her a better and more supportive fan base. She’s talented enough to write and produce her own music which is so cool. No label to rob her blind, now all she needs are fans that will buy her music instead of stealing it.

  5. This is sooooo hot!!! I hope they use it on Dancing with the stars, maybe?…this is a hot song…a great summer song!!! The crazy thing is that a song of this quality on the radio is rare, other than a hand few…I know it’s gonna be a great album…looking forward to it!!!

  6. They showed her recording this a few episodes back on BFV

  7. I agree with BC I was VERY scared when Toni said she was going back to her suppossed “dance roots” with this track cause LORD knows she is an R&B goddess and her roots are honestly there but the way she started it was classic Toni R&B enough not to alienate the die-hards like myself and the rest is fiyah love it WAY better than Make my heart and I”M ECSTATIC!!! Toni is releasing a 7th album. it was an injustice that PULSE wasn’t even nominated for a grammy and Toni said she comptemplated retiring. i am so thankful BFV has been the success it has ’cause I feel it was the vehicle she needed to reinvigorate her career. Also, she did FANTASTIC producing it herself. Love TB! 🙂

  8. This is actually reallyyyy good! I love her voice in this song. Go Toni!! Ayyeee

  9. Addicted. Love it. Yay Toni. Her vocals are stunningly beautiful over this dance beat.

  10. Go Toni, I know ur not hip on MD
    but we were at that hot mess storm@ Lyric still grt!! When I heard those first few notes I knew you had it and the twist fantastic
    we were 2nd row and you came down rite there!! Im stage 4 lung ca hope to see you again !! no cow bells haha my best to you and yours !! ps yes its me Please 87,000 times !!

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