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a request...pretty in pink...

Happy Monday Ladies…

Hope your weekend went great. GT decided to share with you a request from a Get Togetha reader who wanted home decor inspiration from the “pretty in pink” background wall paper.  The color Pink is an ultra feminine and fun color so the best way to rock it is to glam it up with shine! This affordable but quality roundup is for a small space corner nook or a foyer so that you can have a restful place to just chill, read or reflect. All items are affordably priced…one hundred dollars or less…

If you have any pics for inspiration e-mail me at or contact GT here  for pricing and I’ll turn it into a room for you and your fellow Brown Sistas. You can live glam too…didn’t you know?

So what do you think?


  1. I am so inspired! I love every detail and can’t wait to use this for inspiration as I implement my own “corner nook”

  2. Thank GT i just started doing my daughter room in pink, white and black and it coming out really nice. Some of them item above would look really good in her room not to kiddie and not to grown up just right. You can hit me up with the pricing or where can i locate these item. I want to finish up her room.

  3. Cute! I really like those pillows and the candleholders.

  4. I personally love the color pink but have never figured out a way to use it in any room of my house without it looking too kiddie. I tried it in my bathroom about 2 years ago and all the men in my life complained about it.

  5. @willa just put some black and white with it. It look really classy not kiddie.

  6. Thanks ladies…!

    @ Lady….

    The furniture is from; but it’s sold out. The stay having chic and affordable finds.
    The peacock pillows are from
    The lamp from
    And the accesories from…

    Thanks for all your comments ladies…and send me your pics….

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