Look of Love

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon. Dare to dazzle on the most distinguished of date nights.

Red represents passion, let lips lure your lover. Seduce with smoky eyes. Soft foundation and simple cheeks hues will balance this look of love.

How to achieve this look?

Begin with gently hydrated skin. Stipple liquid foundation onto skin with moistened sponge, smooth and blend. With a loose and fluffy powder brush, dust powder over freshly applied foundation. Because the night calls for both dramatic eyes and lips, keep blush tones to a minimum.

Line upper lids with a deep black eye pencil. Apply black pencil along the upper lash-line. Use an all over eye shadow brush. Gently blend eyeliner upward, meeting the center of the eyelid. Line the inner rims of the eyes to draw onlookers into your smoldering gaze.

Want long lasting lip color? Expert tip: Fully line lips with matching lip liner. This step allows lipstick to adhere to the lips, offering lipstick a long-last effect.

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  1. Is that YaYa DaCosta in that pic? She is beautiful and looks great in red lipstick. Can’t say as a man though I like it when women get it all over my clothes.

  2. I love a red red lip with black lined eyes. Astarte makes great shades of red.

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