Estelle loves Lorac Cosmetics

EstelleBlueEyeshadowLast week while shopping around at Sephora for new and improved cosmetic lines I was introduced to Lorac Cosmetics. I wasn’t famailair with the line so I did what I often do, I researched. Lorac is the red carpet authority. Lorac’s products were created by a famous celebrity makeup artist, Caral Shaw. The colors and shades are inspired by the styles we see today on the red carpet. It focuses on red carpet looks and a fresh and gorgeous style. What I love most is, Lorac offers the same products that are used on celebrities today at prices we can afford. Soulful singer and songwriter Estelle, is one of the many celebrities who uses Lorac for everyday life and Red Carpet events.

Lorac Baked Matte Satin Eye Shadow ($22).


  1. This is a beautiful picture of estelle, her music simply awesome!

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