Lurve Naomi

Nearly 20 years after she first started her career, 40-year old supermodel Naomi Campbell is still gracing magazine covers and putting chicks half her age to shame.

For their Issue #5, aptly titled ‘Skin Deep,’ Naomi and her perky boobs are giving off much attitude for this month’s issue of Lurve.

Naomi’s cover was shot by famed photographer Ronald Dick, and features the model clad in a blue Gareth Pugh hoodie and sheer Victoria Secret corset.

Speaking on the choice to feature Naomi as this month’s cover model, Editor Lynda Ahanda had this to say: “In this shoot, we wanted Naomi to look like a modern day Mona Lisa. She’s not sporting the usual long locks that we are used to seeing her with. Our idea was to make her look very different – yet still with an iconic reference. As a black woman, it was such a big achievement to have one of the biggest top models alive on the cover of my magazine. Naomi is the essence of black beauty.”

I sense a bit of Grace Jones inspiration for this shoot as well.


  1. Isn’t she going to play Kola Boof in that movie about Bin laden? That’s what it looks like she’s getting ready for.

  2. naomi playing kola boof is going to be off the charts. kola boof is gangsta and so is naomi. a fierce chick playing another fierce chick. super fantastic. i know kola boof said, she wanted naomi to play her.

  3. Are those her nipples showing? I don’t even know why these celebrities bother to wear clothes anymore. smh

  4. Well, Naomi is from a culture that doesn’t view nudity the same as Americans.

    I’m not attacking you , because I agree with your statement. But, I have to say that with all the complaining about a grown woman posing sem-nude for an adult magazine, why is it that people never attack cartoons with adult content. Such as The Simpsons, I know kids watch that like it’s a children’s cartoon, or South Park, King of The Hill, Family Guy, why aren’t there more conservative groups that aren’t attacking those Kid Pageants on Cable. It’s a known fact that little girls dressed as grown women, entice pedaphiles. We condemn one thing yet ignore the others more dangerous acts.

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