Now That’s How You Sell Perfume

“M” By Mariah The fragrance wars are in full swing and super diva Mariah Carey has added her name to the growling list of celebrities who are pitching their own signature scents. We have Beyonce and her Diamonds, Diddy and his Unforgivable Woman, Usher for Women, and now we have “M” by Mariah Carey. So far we have seen print and commercial ads from Bey, Usher and Diddy, and now finally, Mariah has stepped on the scene to unveil her new commercial, and in my humble opinion, her ad really sells her perfume- and sells it well. “M” by Mariah had it’s world premiere last night on MTV but just in case you missed it, you can click over to next page to see Mariah totally school Diddy on the proper way to sell perfume to women- and maybe even men.


  1. Yeah all of them have a perfume and unfortunately for all of them- I won’t be buying or wearing nan one. I do like the way Mariah hush Diddy up but if I HAD to buy one of those two… I’d by Diddy’s before Mariah’s.

  2. Co-sign what Stephanie said. Mariah’s perfume smells VERY good. I will be putting that on my Christmas gift list for myself.

  3. So predictable. Of course she was gonna be naked in the ad, as she is most of the time.

  4. I Love Mariah, i want to check this fragrance out. I like the bottle too. Go Butterfly Girl !!! :thumbsup:

  5. Another fragrance I’ve yet to sniff but would LIKE to LOL 😉 Thanks for the link. Nice commercial, sweet, sensual, soft.

  6. First let me state I’m a huge Mariah fan. With that said, I think the commercial was a little cheesy. Maybe it was the sunset background that gave it a corny feeling? Still, I’ll check out the perfume since many folks have commented on how nice it smells.

  7. Really Mariah’s perfume was the best one I’ve smell out of all the others. I love perfume and I was looking for the right kind this season. Either Usher’s or Mariah, but more likely it will be Mariah’s. I also liked the way she handled Diddy’s competive butt.

  8. Oh I forgot :mrgreen: to me her commercial was sexy, not sleazy. When a man smells her, she wants the man to fall in love with her. Not rip her cloths her to do her.


  10. mariah’s fragrance scent was ok i prefered usher’s and diddy.

  11. I’m a woman and I like Diddy’s ads better. You could almost see where the sun isn’t supposed to shine in Mariah’s ad. Diddy was more senusal and sexy instead of out and out just sex. That is coming from someone who owns every Mariah Carey CDs and none of Diddy’s. Even Britney Spears’ commerical with her and the guy in the hotel room was better than this…and I can’t stand Britney Spears.

  12. i love mariah im a huge fan her perfume smells wonderful and her commercial was hott! she’s sexy and always classy dont hate on her i’d buy hers over anyones diddy is just selling his to whores!! i love u mariah

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