Macy Gray And Bobby Brown Have “Real Love”

Macy Gray has premiered the video for her single “Real Love” and I absolutely love it. The song features Bobby Brown and in case some of you have been living under a rock and don’t know who Bobby or Macy are, the video reminds you in the beginning. If you can sit through the awkward introduction, what comes after that is absolutely magic. Bobby and Macy have made a really cute song that definitely deserves some love on R n’ B radio stations.

FYI: The video also features “Why Did I Get Married” actor Michael Jai White and has some crazy ass outta nowhere plugs at the ending. This clip definitely takes sponsored videos to a whole other level.


  1. This is a great song and video…it’s so “feel good!!!”…a song that instant makes you relax and wanna chill…wanna hear more for sure…

    I’ve seen Macy in concert twice and she’s sooooooo talented and her band so cool…sometimes it’s difficult to translate artistry into gold and platinum sales, especially, if your label isn’t pushing you…thank God, she can always tour and enjoys acting.

    kudos to Macy and Bobby Brown…

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