Macy Gray’s “Big” Album

Macy Gray After a four year hiatus Macy Gray is due to return to the music scene next month with a new album produced and distributed by Will.I.Am and his music group.”Big” will hit the record stores on March 27th. and has contributions by Nas, Natalie Cole, Fergie and Justin Timberlake.After spending her entire career at Epic Records, word has it both Macy and her label were disappointed in each other and the sales of her last album which didn’t even reach Gold status in the states.Hoping for a fresh start, Macy abandoned Epic and jumped on the Will.I.Am train hoping it will take her back to the top of the charts.You can check out the track listing on the next page and head on over to Macy’s official website to listen to some of the tracks.

“Big” track listing.

‘Finally Made Me Happy’

‘Shoo Be Doo’

‘What I Gotta Do’


‘Glad You`re Here’


‘Ghetto Love’


‘Get Out’

‘Treat Me Like Your Money’


‘Strange Behavior’

Poll Qusetion Of The Day


  1. Ah yeah Macy was one of the first females to work with The Black Eye Peas before they brought in Fergie.They had a smooth song out that I used to jam too back in the day.I dig Macy and her flow and hope the music world will embrace her again.

  2. You talking about Request Line Rat? I used to get down to this joint as well and VH1 used to play the video like crazy.Go to You Tube and you can see it here.

  3. is the future.He is the producer everyone is lining up to work with.I think his skills were better back in the day cause he is too commercial and simplistic sounding now.I hope he gives Macy some of his soulful sounds and not that mess he did for Fergie.

  4. Yes Will . I.Am is doing good. I hear Michael Jackson is calling him to help with a new Album. But as for Macy Gray, I hope she does well again. I like her and I think we can use her right now. (and Alicia keys)

  5. I love Macy as an actress to.Did anyone see her in Lackawana Blues? She was good and has a aura on screen that stands out.She also did an episode of That’s So Raven.I love her music too but hopes she doesn’t give up on acting.

  6. Talented sister, and glad to see she is releasing a new album… Also loving that picture of her… :thumbsup:

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