Mag Covers: Kerry Washington + Mary J. Blige

Elle magazine’s November issue is dedicated to Women in Hollywood and actress Kerry Washington is just of the lovely ladies to be featured. Due to hit newsstands October 17th, Kerry will appear alongside Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Diane Kruger, Hillary Swank and several others. Each actress was given her own distinct cover and inside photo spread. As many of you may already know, Kerry has a starring role in Tyler Perry’s much anticipated film “For Colored Girls,” which is due to hits movie theaters on November 5th. This is also Kerry’s second November cover, as she is also Essence magazine’s new covergirl.

Another beautiful brown sista to grace the cover of a November issue is singer Mary J. Blige. The R n’ B icon is covering Gotham magazine and discussing her new sold out tour, as well as her upcoming album, which is tentatively set for a early 2011 release. Check out Mary’s cover below, which was unveiled at the magazine’s anniversary party last night.


  1. wow, so did they really just pick one black woman as a “woman of hollywood”? wow. i don’t read magazines or care for any of “these” magazines but wow, that’s all that i can say. wow.


  2. @Pray for the children

    I’m so with you.It’s so rare to see a Black woman on Elle (other than the usual suspects;Beyonce,Halle and any other Black female lighter than a brown paper bag.

  3. Amen @Melinda It’s nice to see Kerry on the cover! I know that Elle is throwing us a bone so I’ll will never get my hopes up with them.

  4. Surprised at Kerry on the cover of Elle. Surprised and happy and will definitely be purchasing this issue! Love her!

  5. There is no pleasing some of you. Let this beautiful sister enjoy her spotlight and shine on the cover of this magazine. Some of you all must live miserable lives because you are always so negative.

  6. Now this is who suppose to be on the cover! love Kerry! I’ll def. be buying this issue. Sorry but after that Gabby Sidibe(sp) issue, I was like…”uh you’re kidding right?”

    Besides I know many of you are excited about “For Colored Girls” so this helps promote the film. I’m not all that interested in the film, but rarely do you see them help/bother promote films featuring black women.

  7. wow im utterly speechless too… im definately happy for her, she deserves it.

  8. Congratulations to Kerry and Mary!! I’m very happy for them both!

  9. Congratulations to Kerry , She looks beautiful. Melinda: You ain’t lying 😉

  10. Beautiful cover, beautiful woman. And what I love most of all an incredible actress who DESERVES some attention.

  11. kerry is beautiful, classy, sophisticated woman, that is relatable to the magazine’ targeted audience. i’m glad that this black lady is getting positive attention. maybe if black female celebs marketed themselves as kerry washington, than they would get this type of publicity as well. we are only 13% of the population, so sometimes we are ignored because we don’t have the numbers that buy their products.

  12. @ BRIA
    i’m not being negative. i truly don’t pay attention to “ELLE” magazine but i know they’re one of those white ones. let’s be honest here. so i’m questioning that out of all the women in “hollywood” they choose some to showcase in their magazine. someone musta jumped up and down on their neck and told them to put a black woman in the mix….goodness knows there couldn’t have been two…..why is that? hey i’m glad kerry washington is getting her props. they’re certainly due but why just one? i don’t get them.

  13. Yes, they put a black woman on the cover of ELLE MAGAZINE as the face of HOLLYWOOD WOMEN.This is fantastic! so ladies…please, when you see this magazine..go and buy it! we have to show the MAINSTREAM media that were ready to support although we are a minority. Its like the VOGUE cover with all the black female models on it! it sold out in TWO DAYS and guess what? they now have a website dedicated to it and other magazines have now followed the trend

    you see, the MAINSTREAM media never represented black women because they didnt think black women are the majority of consumers. So, please SUPPORT any MEDIA that REPRESENTS YOU! give credit where its due

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