Mag Pics: Miss Kelly Does YRB

Singer Kelly Rowland is featured in the latest issue of online magazine YRB. The former DC3 beauty donned a 1920s bob for a Mike Ruiz photo shoot that featured feathered boas, sequins, and in some photos- not much else. Kelly recently wrapped up filming on two new videos and is still expected to release her new album sometime this year. Like Ciara, Kelly’s album has been pushed back multiple times and is now at the mercy of the singer’s label.


  1. Never thought Kelly would be joining the naked dark trend going on. Some of the shots are hot but Im a tad bit disappointed. My opinion. Im not a “hater”.

  2. Janetfan89, CO-SIGN!!!

    Kelly was so desperate to have the spotlight, now she has it…smh

    Ok, for real. Like so seriously, does anyone remember seeing photos of Kelly and she just had a glow about her, like an angelic light about her?? Now does anyone see the dark edge that surrounds her these days?? (and not just in this particular photo shoot) (in general)
    There is soooo much more to the industry that we don’t see readily with the naked eye…so sad.
    Well I guess now she has her heart’s desires…poor girl
    she should of let Beyonce have that…

  3. does anyone remember seeing photos of Kelly and she just had a glow about her, like an angelic light about her??

    It’s called good lighting.


    I like the makeup and the wig and the one shot of her waist up, crossing her arms. The rest are ‘meh’.

  4. Miss kelly Is killin’ those feathered pink pumps I just a shoe-gasm …but the 1st photo looks knida pornish to me I don’t like It

  5. what in the America’s Next Top Model is she trying to do here?! I am not feeling these pictures AT ALL and I find them cheap looking and amateur. Kelly deserves better and is capable of better.

  6. Maybe this is the real Kelly, we just didn’t see it while she was in the group. This is the most free she will ever be to show us who she is, so I guess she is going for it.

    LOL! @cinderkiss, it is StarTrek like.

  7. If its the “real” Kelly why are her eyes now just as dead as all the other artists out there that go to the dark to get fame? #imjustsaying

  8. @koko: i agree that this may be the real kelly because when someone is in a group they have to have group dynamics and they may not be allowed to really express themselves the way they want to. Everyone in a group have to have some type of cohesiveness. I like all the photos as they are not average and plain looking. She looks great to me.

  9. LOL @ Kanyade, I hear you (and so true about good-lighting) but it’s more so something that she used to exude through her eyes. She used to look happy and radiant. Now she just looks (like you said) “meh”…
    And I’m sure there’s more money in and behind her “lighting” now than ever before.
    So yeah, you’re right! It is good-lighting, and she no longer has it.

  10. Eh…I love Ms. Kelly, but I don’t like the pictures. Sorry! I’m rooting for this chick, but she keeps on disappointing me. I heard her album is being pushed back to next year! Not a good sign. Everybody wants to blame Mathew and Columbia Records for her past failings, but it seems to me that Universal Motown is not doing her any better. See Ashanti (or Mya) for example. Both of their projects were horribly mishandled by that label, and now they’re trying to make a comeback. It shouldn’t have to be that way. Anyway, Good luck, Kelly!

  11. I love these pictures!! It’s good to see her expand her look and step outside of her perceived image. This was a photo shoot and ultimately, a model is suppose to embrace the vision and visually represent the concept to the readers. The photos are not a reflection of her personality and if by chance it is, aren’t we multi-faceted individuals. Kelly is beautiful and I think she has a warm spirit that we sense in her aura, so we root for her success. But the reality is, many of US don’t purchase music and that’s the barometer of success in the music biz – records sold!!

  12. I’m seeing too much of Ms. Kelly and the stuff she is doing is too random.


  13. Ms Kelly is doing dance/electro genre. The look must be edgy/divaish or uber sexy or over the top. Whats random about that? Its consistent with her work at the moment. I give her thumbs up for effort. and i love the vulcan kelly look too.

  14. I was actually talking about all the stuff she’s doing lately not just the pictures of this single post.


  15. Rock that Kelly….me-ow!

    lol…This is one of her alter-egos maybe?

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