Mahogany is Set for a Remake

According to Shadow & Act, producer Suzanne de Passe (The Jacksons: An American Dream, Lonesome Dove, The Temptations) has acquired the rights to the Diana Ross, Billy Dee Williams classic Mahogany.

de Passe, who once worked for Motown, purchased the film right from founder Berry Gordy and apparently has plans to remake the story with a modern 21st century twist.

The production team is said to be in the process of seeking a writer, director, as well as potential leads who can recreate the chemistry between Diana and Billy Dee.

Below is part of the press release issued announcing the remake.

“We are excited to bring a remake of this classic film to a whole new audience and are grateful to Mr. Gordy for his trust” said Madison Jones. “There are so few female driven stories for African American actors and this is great material, with issues that are as relevant today as they were in the 70’s”, said Suzanne de Passe. “The heart of Mahogany is a story about making your dreams come true, and that is as relevant and urgent today as ever.


  1. i’m probably in the minority when it comes to my opinion here but i am damn tired of the remakes. claude hammercy! where is the originality. they never do the original justice. 20th/21st century twists? ugh. please. i do not want to take away from Suzanne’s career but c’mon. there has to be a new story swimming around in someone’s noggin out there somewhere. plus no one is gonna connect like diana and billy dee. what ever happened to letting a classic be a classic. then when it doesn’t measure up it’s a huge failure because there are too many expectations.

    this is why i have little to no faith in tv/movies/music. the stuff of years past is what i like and rarely do i find anything new worth paying attention to. i’m not down with this idea but like i said chances are i’m in the minority.

  2. You will be the majority because I agree. Where is the originality in black films? Where are our film makers?

  3. A remake of Mahogany..the film industry has gone too far now..what is next a remake of the color purple? SMH

  4. That .gif of Diana Ross THE BOSS says everything I’m thinking about yet another remake….especially of this film! UGH!

  5. I agree- these black musical movie remakes are just plain ol’ tired now. “Dreamgirls” was the last straw for me. Let it go. However, I will say that this remake will probably be decent considering that the producer is responsible for such calssics like “The Temptations” and “The Jackson 5.” Still, no R&B or pop singer should be cast in this film. Actresses only! Why you ask?Take “What’s Love Got to Do With It” for example. Angela Basstett is not a singer, but she played that heck out of that role.

  6. actually lets switch Zoe Saladana for this role over Nina Simone

  7. Please no more remakes! Are there no more screenwriters and creative minds in Hollywood?

  8. I’m definitely on the “no more remakes” boat with y’all!

  9. Please don’t!!! It would be different if they were going to use an unknown singer/actress, but they won’t…I honestly don’t think this movie or Lady Sings the Blues can be remade…too classic, too iconic!!! They did this with music sampling and today R&B is almost dead…only hip hop charts on Billboard for the exception of a song here and there…if there’s only hip hop, where is the soul of our music…hip hop with a conscious, true messages or just fun is not what’s winning!

  10. I agree, it should be left alone, HOWEVER, considering that’s not what they are going to do we may as well make the best out of the situation. Having said that the obvious choice with the maturity and iconic statue is Janet Jackson! All day every day over anyone else. Plus Lenny Kravitz would be D.O.P.E!

  11. @DANK
    oh, i never really thought about her for the role. that would be some kind of interesting. i have a horrible feeling they’d choose someone younger. but Diana wasn’t that young when she made the movie. janet could handle that. but lenny for billy dee…….if you say so.

    um….check it, i’mma go enjoy a nice smooth colt 45.

  12. Please don’t put Beyonce in this movie. She cannot act and she would just not do the movie justice such as the “boss” Diana Ross. But if they were to remake this film I think Kelly Rowland would be awesome for this role and Idris Elba for the males lead. That would be great to see.

  13. Yeah, I’m tired of the remakes too, BUT something tells me that these are the types of Black films that will get the green light faster than new material.

    I believe Tyler Perry when he said that he has to go through a lot behind the scenes to get his films done in the way that we wants it.

    Hollywood secretly knows that QUALITY Black films (NOT BUFFOONERY) will do well but they are afraid of that..They actually feel threatened by that SO they would rather control what is released to ensure that the LIE/ stereotype remains in tact. (regardless of how well we have been doing at box office recently)

    It is nothing like seeing beautiful black people on the big screen

    There are many of our stories just waiting to be told on the Big Screen.

  14. ^^^OOPs:)

    I believe Tyler Perry when he said that he has to go through a lot behind the scenes to get his films done in the way that HE wants it.

  15. Here we go again Black people with the self-hate. How many films are out there now with people of color and why not a remake, white people have been making remakes for years yet as usual we get to demonstrate our hate for anything that has to do with us then wonder why everyone else treats us a certain way, whether it’s Gabby’s hair at the Olympics or the disingenuous loathing of a sister like Beyonce, if u can’t take what I say as truth take a gander at some of these comments.

  16. For the record in case comments start to pile up about why should anyone back a movie or anything because it’s black, that’s not what I’m saying, we have to start backing and demanding more but let the world know we are in alignment with what affects US. Lastly as an example these Republicans not matter how crazy they may sound STICK together to form as one which is to Beat Obama. Watch and learn for our own betterment.

  17. @NIKKI The Color Purple? Now that is grounds for protest! LOL They bet not even try it.

  18. I think Tracy Ellis Ross would be perfect for the remake as Diana Ross character Mahogony. She already said it was a dream of hers to do it. And unlike the other ladies that were name she really can act and is beautiful

  19. Personally, I really am not happy with all the remakes, at least the classics that were made in the last twenty years. Saying that, there are several black movies that need to be remade or at least modernized, especially from the 40s-60s. I don’t feel that there is a need to remake certain classics, such as The Color Purple. On the other hand, I have seen Sparkle, The Wiz, Mahoney and others and I am not in any way objecting to see how it’s treated or remade now. However, like I said, I feel that more films made throughout the 40s-60s, where blacks were portrayed horribly could be remade. They can at least take the idea of the movie and put a modern spin on it.

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